Using Art To Connect My Community

Getting ART outside

For the past several years I have been picking a word for the year.  2016 was Pursue and 2017 was Outcome.  In journaling and exploring the meaning of both of those words I discovered a priority to connect with more people.  Not just people from my circle of friends, but people I have never met.  I journaled things like "pursue community," and "all outcomes equal reaching people's hearts."  

My creative process tends to be singular.  I don't dream and design very well with other people in the room.  I can't write when there might be interruptions.  And I can't work on a project for the same reason.  My creating obsession tends to lead to isolation.  

Contrasting with the desire to create is the desire to interact with more people in a positive way.  If I want to be any help at all in the world, if I want to lessen the stress, pain, fear, or loneliness of living and bring a little laughter and joy to a person’s day, I think I should start in my back yard.  And I think I should start with sharing what is easy for me.  

Art Play comes easy.  

I've admitted before how I'd rather buy art supplies than clothing.  Or anything else.  Which has left me with enough art supplies to share.  I don't have lots of one kind of thing, but I do have lots of things.  I adore colorful paint.  I adore different textures of paint.  I adore paint that does different things.  All that adoration equals a lot of different kinds of paint.  I have found my favorites - those I use occasionally, and those I have used only once or twice.  And I love printed scrapbook papers. I have enough scrapbook paper to make scap books for entire schools of children.  And washi tape.  And glue.  And...

My friend Dawn and I have a group on Thursday nights at 7pm in her home where we invite people to come on over, bring their art journal or bring nothing, and we chat and do art.  It is so fun.  Dawn is a high school teacher and I've gotten to meet some of her students and former students.  They are talented, smart, interesting, young.  It's been so cool.  (is cool a dated word?) I'd like to meet even more people.  

Our schedules change, so it isn't every Thursday night.  There is a face book group for this and I sometimes plan ahead and let people know.   (You should be proud of me.  Planning ahead is not a strong suit of mine.) Anyone is welcome.  

The Facebook Group is HERE.

Testing My Boundaries

I am always trying new things.  Learning new things.  I feel like I've developed a certain style, but I am constantly stretching to and incorporating bits and pieces of other peoples style.  I like messy.  I like layers.  And other than that - anything goes, from muted vintage to over the top color, I love it all.  

There have been a couple requests for classes and that has kinda been a goal for me.  Both the online and in person kind.  Both the free and the paid for kind.  

I don't know if I can do it.  I am not sure I will be a good teacher. 

Doing it anyway.  

I don't know if I have enough supplies. (Seriously, did I just say I need more craft supplies?  Yes.  Yes I did and I am not ashamed.) 

Doing it anyway.  

I've created a MeetUp also, trying to connect with people.  (It's an app for your phone that I didn't know about until one of the nice girls on Thursday night suggested it.)   And with help from some great (and talented friends) there will be two free classes January 19th and February 2nd.  You can check them out HERE.  



  1. Your art work is so inspiring and creative. tfs

  2. This is so great! You have so much talent, Dana! You never fail to inspire me!❤

  3. I am a writer first but sometimes wished I was better with drawing painting. So for me, this is an introduction of how can I support my writing with art. Very Excited to show up though i'm not entirely sure where to start, or what to expect. :-)


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