Hello December

This week I'm all about wrapping up loose ends, continuing new connections and planning new projects. Plus we celebrate the second biggest Christian Holiday this month(the first being Easter) and there is a lot of stuff that goes on with all of that.  

Are you a goal setter?  Do you make lists and check each item off one by one?

My Goal is to manage less stuff and try more quality contemplation time regarding the Birth of my Savior, but I have already had two invitations to celebratory family events, a deadline for a creative Canvas Corp Brands Project, and a commission to finish.  

I am totally going to need to get more serious about goal setting and time management. 

 Way more serious.  

This last month I've been doing things on the live Broadcasting App called Periscope too.  My Call sign, (or handle)  is @ Dapoppins. There are replays of a few of my broadcasts here.  I may or may not have deleted some of them because I stuck my foot in my mouth or was beyond ridiculous.  Hopefully those episodes are gone forever and will never be seen again by anyone or held over my head at my next job interview.  

On Periscope I share about stuff I do and just general happy chit-chat.  I do a daily short scopes, the occasional longer scope, and lots of group scopes such as Pass the Art Journal and Pass the Faith Art.  

If your not sure about what Dapoppins might know about-  I'm a Career Nanny with over 20 years experience with kids and four kids of my own.  I am also an adult caregiver.  And I do artsy fartsy crafts by the seat of my pants kind of stuff.  So if you watch one of my scopes expect a little creativity and inspiration from a career Mary Poppins. 

Periscope is a new thing to me.  So I am enjoying it.  Until it becomes an old thing and then who knows?

Are you on Periscope?  I would so love to connect if you are. Leave me a comment with your handle so I can find you.  

I've also been involved in the facebook group Gratitude Girls Cheer League.  My bestie, Nancy Gaines at Domesticraft and I started this group to have a place to gather while encouraged and challenged each other and it has grown to over a hundred people.  We don't intend for it to be just seasonal, either.  We got plans, fun plans, big plans, super colossal creative plans.  We plan to offer giveaways the rest of the year for good stuff and all you have to do is comment and be present.  The group is free.  The Cheer Leading and encouragement are free.  And you can eat all the Virtual cupcakes you want and not gain an ounce too! You gotta be a girl to join, but other than that you can come from any faith, no faith, or any back ground anywhere.  You are welcome in our group and we promise to encourage you on your life journey.  

I've also been puttering, and hope to continue to putter around my little home studio. AKA the 3ft by 7ft space where I have my crafts at the end of my bed. Here are a few things I've shared on Periscope and Instagram.  

I also completed a Christmas Gift for my Mom.  

Feel free to head on over to the Canvas Corp Brands blog to see more photos and leave a comment to let them know if you liked it or were inspired by what I created.  

What have you been working on in November?  What goals have you reached?  What are your plans for December? 

Do you have any special time management tricks that might make my day just a wee-bit longer?  Feel free to get chatty in the comments and let me know.  I always love reading them.  

Thank You and Be Blessed!


Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for the sound of teenagers arguing,

thankful for the pings and yelps of video game playing,

for hugs that come for no reason,

and ears that still listen when I speak.

I am thankful for lazy days,

for times when teenagers remember to play

for when they are too loud, always hungry, and take up all the couch space,

I am thankful for every moment of childhood.

I am thankful for the roof over our head

for the electricity that runs the lights

for a  fireplace turned on by a switch,

for this building distressed by occupancy,

stained carpets,

scratched paint,

broken sliding doors on the closet.

I am thankful for the loyal husband

For integrity that never sways.

For hands that search for income,

and a heart that still hugs it's offspring.

I am thankful for the legacy,

the inheritance of memories,

women who have gone before me

who cooked and carved the yearly turkey.

For our heated arguments that shaped me,

For the wisdom passed on

china chipped and broken,

and the paper trails of history.

I choose
   I choose
      I choose to be thankful.


Show Your Gratitude Through Your Generosity

To change the attitude, a person needs to write it, speak it and act on it.  Everyone learns differently, of course, but without action, gratitude is just one of those things that means very little.  
Gratitude is not one of those things you keep to yourself.  You have to spread it around so that it gets everywhere.  (hey, Kinda like a Glitter Bomb!)  

This isn't a glitter bomb, of course.  This is a photo of a glitter craft I did with a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old yesterday.  So- kinda a glitter bomb.  And pretty.  

Gratitude and Generosity go hand in hand, because gratitude is more than just an act of thankfulness.  Gratitude is an acknowledgement of what you have.  Giving is the action of that acknowledgement - the action response to understanding that YOU have something of value to give.  

Being a craft lover hoarder ( I need a support group)  there are times when all I am aware of are the things I don't have (a full set of Caran D'ache Neocolor ii's) and forget the things I do have (a lovely set of 80 Intense blocks.) I focus way to much on the fact that it is really expensive to take the family out to dinner, and I forget that we always have food to eat.  I forget that I am taken care of, provided for, and have all the ingredients for basic comfort. I forget that I have enough that I can even share.  

Sharing does not come naturally.  Actually with children, sharing is a skill that comes with brain development...but if you miss that window to teach the skill or something impacts that crucial development, that child will spend the rest of her life struggling to learn that skill.  

Sharing and giving are things that must be practiced with action, which brings me back to Gratitude and Generosity.  

Which is why, one of the important parts of this Heart Of Gratitude Journey is giving stuff away.  

Only - I've been working so much (I am so grateful for work!) that I don't have pictures of my Giveaway.

I do have pretty pictures of glittered acorns. 

Today in the Gratitude Girls Cheer League, we are going to practice Giving Stuff away. All DAY LONG.   We have several special guest giveaways that I am so excited to be sharing with you.  We hope you join-in, enter all the giveaways, share your stories, and be blessed by the day. 

I pray this weekend helps heal your heart and lets you know you are special and you are loved.

Be Blessed!