Listing My Goals

One way I am planning on achieving my goals this year is by making lists.  Lot's and lot's of lists.  First, I have a master, overall, general BIG goal list.  It's a must do.  In one way or another I am gonna follow through on all these things, while hitting my Power Buttons (on the list is says FOCUS.)

Here are a couple of goals from my master list broken down into doable parts.  

My Make Stuff Big Goal is going to have lots and lots of little lists attached to it because I am not just going to be making one thing.  I'm honored to be apart of the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew this year again, as well as involved in several ongoing Periscope Art Share's.

PLUS.  One more awesome, wonderful, exciting adventure with Nancy Gains at Domesticraft.  This venture is so big it's going to require it's own website. 

That's pretty darn big. 

So I am taking small bites of the big goals to keep from getting overwhelmed.   

You can follow my journey daily by watching me on Periscope Dana @Dapoppins  I'm currently in a group (Perigirls Heart tribes) where I need to post a 3 minute long scope everyday.  What else do I have to chat about except the things I love and what I am up to?

I did a Periscope today, infact.  There may or may not be a suspicious smudge on my face, that may or not be early morning breakfast chocolate. (Yes.  Of course there is such a thing as healthy breakfast chocolate.  Do you think I would make that up?) Or maybe it is just a age spot.  I can't tell.  

What do you think?

(If you see spelling errors in this post...well.  You're going to see spelling errors.  If that offends you, I'm sorry. ) 


Finding What Motivates You

This month my goal has been to settle on my One Word, that one little word that I am going to focus on for the rest of the year.

I'm getting close.  Narrowing it down.  My bestie Nancy has picked out three words, and they are pretty awesome, but still I kinda feel like I need to focus on just one, maybe.

I love hearing about your words and your goals too.  We've been sharing them back and forth  in the face book group Gratitude Girls Cheer League please click the link to join us, we'd love to have you.

Hand in hand with finding my word and setting my goals are my Power Buttons.

What is a Power Button?

It's that switch that gets me out of bed, gets me going when I don't have to be at the beck and call of anyone else, motivates me forward, out of the house, and into the world.  It a passion that energizes me.  An idea think about all the time. It's a dream I want to make real and a hope that won't die. Its that thing I really want to finish, just to say I did it.  It's the coffee for my soul.

Yes.  Even my soul drinks coffee.

(that only sounds really odd if you don't drink a pot of coffee a day and love it so much you actually smell it in your dreams)

In the world of business they call it your Why.

Why are you doing this?

But, unlike only wanting one word, I have a several Power Buttons.

 I don't do things for just one reason. a Power Button may be something that is always there on the switchboard, just waiting for the moment of activation.  It may be a bright green light that always shines behind every action. Or it is my task driven motivator, that once accomplished, leads me to a new task and a new button.

A little doodle from my art journal. 

As a woman, I have lived through a few different seasons.  Moments when my why was all about the children or work, or just making it through the day.  Things happen that alter what I can do and which power buttons can be turned on.  I figured this out when my kids were young - a baby, two toddlers, and a preschooler, that while some women (mostly on television) could seemingly do and be everything, I could only have a few things activated at a time.

I was not doing creative things.
  I was not holding down a forty hour a week position.
   I was not even taking a shower everyday.

But now that season is over and while my kidlets motivate me toward lots of things, that power button is no longer dominating everything.

Some of my power buttons are found by answering the questions:

I've always wanted to....
I really need to..
When people look at me I want them to see...
I want  my story to be about....

This all sounds a little self involved, like I'm standing in-front of a mirror pondering questions about me and throwing in a few daily affirmations while I'm at it.   I want to know my power buttons so that I don't set my sights on goals that are so totally self serving, so that I don't loose moments of real importance along the journey.

Because there are negative power buttons too.  Motivators that serve nothing and can possibly hurt someone, cause pain, or get in the way of living the kind of life I've already chosen to live.

So...This month, along with making lists, and lists of lists so that I can break my BIG GOALS  into doable goals, 

I am finding my Power Buttons

And settling on my One Word...

How about you?  What motivates you?  What are your Power Buttons?

Another little messy art journal page.  


Goal setting: What keeps you from setting goals?

I was just making a list of all the stuff I feel like I need to get done.  It was a pretty stinking long list.

Just the list of daily living fills up a page, eating up time and energy. By the time I've done the things I have to do, I'm too wore out to do the things I want to do.  Do you ever encounter this?

I was reading somewhere in a group a list of reasons that held people back from moving forward.  Health problems were really big on that list, followed the absolute derailment of the health problems of a loved one, or even a death.  These were big, heart felt things that interrupted peoples lives and forced them back to the basics of the big question.  "Will I take a shower today?"  These kind of things are like a start over button.  It's a redefinition of the journey you thought you were on to the actual journey you are living.  I have been there.  Chances are, I will visit that place again.  If you are reading this and are thinking, "Yes, that's me"  I just want to let you know there is GRACE & HOPE for you.  Do what you can right now.  Day by Day, eventually, you can plan tomorrow, but right now, don't even try.  Just take care of yourself, your own dear ones, moment by moment. That is enough.  Okay?

Something else that holds us back from moving forward is overwhelm. Have you ever watched that show Hoarders?  It is kind of fascinating in a so disgusting I-can't-look-away, please-don't -let-this-be-me kind of way.  I see that kind of home, that sort of human-made beaver mound stronghold of STUFF as all the stuff I feel like I need to be doing.  Short of a bulldozer, I wouldn't begin to know how to get rid of things and make it into a habitable home.  And you might be thinking,

Yeah, I've seen that show.  I would use a bulldozer too.

But if you bring out the bulldozer, you miss the chance to find that one family treasure that will bring tears to your eyes, that will impact generations, toss something in the trash that might even be worth money.  If you just bull-doze it all away you might loose a piece of yourself you can never ever get back.

And so the only option is Do Nothing.  Because you don't know where to start.  That's how I feel about my get 'er done list.

Am I alone?  Can I get a Witness?

A third thing holding us back from moving forward is Fear.  Sometimes we don't even know that fear is what is lurking beneath our solid, practical reasons for not making changes in our lives, but if you really get to the core of your reasons for

not stepping up
not taking a stand
not starting a business
not making a change
not developing a routine
not sharing our creativity
not doing something that will be hard

It's fear.

I am sure there are more things that hold us back.  But I am fairly certain with all my intensely casual internet research and after talking to a couple of girlfriends that I am almost maybe hitting the nail on the head with one of those pink lady hammers.

Summing up -  Things that hold us back from reaching our goals

1.  The journey you are living vs the journey you thought you were living
2. Overwhelm
3. Fear

And how to reach those goals and overcome these obstacles?  My short answers to each of these:

1. Live where you are at, moment by moment, until the time comes when you can think about    tomorrows again.
2. No bull-dozes.  Do things piece by piece, one thing at a time.  Delegate where possible.
3. You can't go over it, You can't go under it, You have to go through it.  

Which brings me back to my really long to do list and goals.  Because I know what keeps me from accomplishing things.  I know where I am at in my journey, and I practiced all last year living out a fearless life.  Which sticks me firmly in the place of being OVERWHELMED. I have piles of stuff around me figuratively and literally and I feel like I don't know where to start.

I started with a list.

Next...is another list.  I'm going to break tasks down,  piece by piece, even hour by hour until I have a plan that works.

How are YOU going to accomplish your goals this year?