Spark Some kreativity Saturday @ the Kraaft Shaak - How To Make A Book From Two Canvases

It is Saturday and that means it's time to SPARK some kreativity.  

Every Saturday a design team member for the Kraaft Shaak will share a new project to spark some kreativity, and so far I have been seriously so inspired!  New ideas, new possibilities, new ways to use old stuff and new techniques with new stuff I've never tried before.  Three projects have been shared.  You can find out about them and the other fantastic designers HERE.  

We were each sent a mixed-media kit from the Kraaft Shaak to use.  I love this kit so much and have already written a long post about it.  I couldn't help myself.  There were just so many good things that I had to tell you about, you might want to also check out my post Mixed Media Art Kit Adventures.

I got a kit with two 5 x 7 canvas's and picked eggshell Prima Chalkboard Paint and the White Sand Texture Paste.

The Mixed media kit was my "Spark" for Kreativity:  for this project.  I'm kinda of a "seat of my pants" krafter, trying new things and learning as I go.  I decided to use both my canvas's (should I say, kan-vas?)  in one project, stack them together and make a book. 

I've never made anything like this before.  

I got a little too excited about all my great ideas that I forgot to take good photos of all the cool stuff in the kit.  ARG.  Note to self - grab a camera like +Sylvia Tabor does whenever I open a box.  It drives me nutty when folks don't share all the good stuff they get in the mail - but what do I do when I get good stuff?  I tear right into it like a kid on Christmas.  

These are some of the collage papers and the selection of all the mediums I got to play with. I used the papers for the base of the project and glued them down with Mod Podge, painted them with a couple of coats of chalk paint, and then added some of my own Lindy's Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Colors as well of some Prima Color Bloom Sprays. I didn't have trouble with color layers sticking BUT I also used the Mod Podge and Aleene's spray sealer between some of the layers. 

I got a little Finnibair wood grain stamp in my kit that I used on the inside of the canvas. I also added some gold Pearl Ex to the texture paste and spread that on the inside of the one of the 5 x 7's.  And did some fun swirls with some the kit goodies.

By Dapoppins, Finnabair Style, Vintage Romantic Lady, Collage, glitter swirls

I love adding layers and depth.  And once I got going - well I just kept going.  Pulling things from here and there.  Taking an hour to look for just that one thing that I needed from my own stash.  This project took awhile because I tried to let things air dry.  I din't want to rush anything and ruin it.  I misted, I daubed, I layered and dripped to my hearts content to get this messy, grungy-pretty look.  

I bet that you didn't realize that "grungy-pretty" was a thing.  Well it totally is! Tell your husband I said so - y'know  that guy who usually asks you, "Did you mean to do it that way?"

I made the two canvas's into a book just adding gaffers tape down the one side and on the insides.  I was going to hinge it too, but the hings were too small or in the wrong place or something.  They kept  the book from opening nicely so I pulled them out and re-taped it. 


By Dapoppins, Finnabair Style, Vintage Romantic Lady, Collage


I worked on the inside of the canvas and the outside.  There were die-cuts and a napkin in the kit and I used a good part of them both putting this together.

There was a page in the collage papers with rhymes on it from a children's book...as some point and time I decided that I would highlight it.  I downloaded the photo of the woman from pinterest that would be my girl in silk and satin. 

By Dapoppins, Finnabair Style, Vintage Romantic Lady, Collage

I used the mica flakes from the kit and added a couple of pinches of my own gold flakes.  I was hopping for a mosaic effect, or at least something textured like broken china.  Be really sweet and tell me that is what you see, and not a bad case of dandruff. 

Mixed Media Altered Canvas Creche Book for the Kraaft Shaak By Dapoppins

You might have noticed the empty compartment?  I made something to fit right in there....

By Dapoppins, Mini book

By Dapoppins, Mini book

I will not go into detail about the little book inside the book.  It is my first little book without a simple O ring binding and it didn't go very well.  But done is better than perfect.  I added a few stickers from my stash, inked the edges and called 'er done.  It reads, "All Good." on the cover. 

Lady in Pink, Finnabair Style Romantic Canvas by Dapoppins

Mini Book By Dapoppins

Mini book by Dapoppins

I had such fun kreating this.  Having the kit really freed me to play with stuff.  I didn't worry too much about ruining  something precious I just went forward and kreated fearlessly.  I hope this little "spark" encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and make something different.  

And DON'T ask your husband if what you kreate is pretty.  Lawd, NO. (not to be hard on our lovely husbands or anything, but some of them are klue-less)  Bring it over to the G+ Kraafters Kommunity and share it with us.  I promise we will give you some good feedback and answer or find the answers to any Krafty Question you might think up.  In fact, if you have any questions about my project, how I did something or what I used, just leave me a comment.  I'd love to hear from you. 


How To Make An Altered Art Mixed Media Project with Kids

photo heavy post = slow load time.  stick around to see all the photos. 

For the  beginning of April Canvas Corp Brands issued a challenge to designers to think out of the box and create projects for kids using their products.  Canvas Corp is a huge company with a large product line, including 7 gypsies and Tattered Angels Paints.  I wish I had their warehouse close by so I could just pop over there every time I wanted something.  

I really liked the idea of this challenge - working with kids and  having four of my own kids, I know how much children enjoy trying out new stuff, mixing up products and mediums and just playing with things.  (How much my daughter loves getting into my stuff!)

I like the idea so much you can be watching for some future posts here on Dapoppins on doing "grown-up" art with young people.  

I spoke with my own personal progeny,  (We will call her Elianah) and asked her if she wanted to do something with me.  She said yes.  But as usual she put her own twist on the idea and came up with something totally her own - I saved that photo for the very end.

We decided to alter a Sucrets tin (that I had been hording) using Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Paint Systems in Turquoise.  These come in sets with four distinctive mediums to layer together.

 Although there are a lot of altered tins out there, they are not usually made by kids but this is a totally doable kid project.  In the same way that teachers assist students with putting together cute gifts for Mother's Day and Father's day - there is no reason, with a little assistance and planning that crafty minded parents (and Nannies) can't help children complete this project.

 Basic skills needed 
- able to aim a spray bottle
- able to use scissors
- patience
- spread glue

Supplies Needed
- Alterable Tin (we used a Sucrets Tin because it had a flat workable surface)
- Metal Primer
- Mod-Podge
- Gesso
- Spray Fixative or Sealer
- Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Paint Systems Precious Stone Turquoise and Tattered Angels Glimmer       Mists
- Hair Dryer to speed drying
- Paper Bits
- Scissors
- Desired Embellishments - White Unibal Signo Pen
- Jump Rings, Beads, Head Pins, Hammer,  Round Nose and Flat Nose Pliers, Necklace,- Optional

Step One :
Spray tin with metal primer and let dry. The older child can do this outside with supervision, (my daughter is eleven.  She could have done this but she was doing homework or some such thing so I did it for her) or the adult can do it ahead of time.  I sprayed two coats but that was more because I was trying to get some primer on every surface than being intentional with two coats.  

When the primer is dry (about fifteen minutes)  Elianah tore some paper bits and used Mod Podge to glue the papers down on the outside and inside of the box. 

Step 2.  
Paint the inside of the tin.  Elianah picked out Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist from my stash  for the inside of the box. She sprayed it on, then chose to spread it around using a baby wipe. 

Step 3.  
Follow directions for the Tattered Angels Paint Systems kit.   Because this is a metal box and not a recommended surface we did two things different.  We added primer. And we used a fixative between glimmer mist layers. To get a really good effect with the paints we would air dry, and spray a fixative when we really liked an effect, then dry the fixative and repeat.  Please note - the biggest challenge of this project is dry time.  It is best to air dry and second best is to use a hair dryer.  The more layering you do the better it will look.

(I got lazy with the fixative and used which ever came to my hand.  One spray bottle said Fixative, and the other said Sealer both products worked to hold the Glimmer Mists in place so that I we could get the layered spatters we wanted.)

Step 4
  Embellish the outside and inside of the box as desired. 

Elianah decided to tone down the interior color by adding a little gesso and wiping it off with a baby wipe.  She's seen me use this mixed media technique often and had wanted to try it.  Using gesso (or white acrylic paint) is optional and not really necessary for this project - but it does add a nice effect.

My daughter designed the dress and inside of the box entirely on her own. She drew the dress and cut it out. We decided together that different colored sleeves would work better than same colored sleeves, but for the most part, this is entirely her design.  She also designed and cut all the skeleton parts herself.  (My suggestion was to put a little note book and pencil inside or glue in a positive quote - neither of these fulfilled her vision, but you might also offer these ideas.)

We added some basic jewelry bits to make the box so it would hang.  I have never made any jewelry but since I've been gathering supplies over the last year so that I could learn how to make bobs for added decoration, we decided to give it a go.  The box doesn't have to hang or have dangles, but we thought it gave this design a nice touch. I just made the holes by measuring and pounding a nail through two spaces in the top and bottom.

We both think the end result is really beautiful.  What do you think?  Is this a mixed media project you might make with kids?  Don't you think something like this would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift or Teacher Appreciation gift?

I thought it would make a lovely gift.  I asked Elianah if I could have it.

She said, "No."


Mixed Media Art Kit Adventures

Mixed Media Kit, Art kit, Art Supplies

I've been searching the internet for years for a good mixed media art kit.  (there is no trreasure map for this kind of thing,) Something that goes beyond my scrapbooking and paper play.  A kit that samples new products on the market. Something that allows me flexibility and freedom and doesn't force a style on me.

 A person can buy "mixed media" paper packs on etsy.  My friend +Nancy Gaines of Domesticraft is selling kits that are just packed with new and old papers, ribbons, notions, and ephemera, (yes, I'm getting one.  You know I had to support my friend...and get some more seam biding and vintage papers- photos soon!) And There are also some kit clubs, usually marketed with scrapbooking kits, around the internet that offer selections of supplies. It's common for kits retail from thirty to sixty dollars.

But no one offers a mixed media kit like the one Heather of the Kraaft Shaak is offering.  

I've been looking at monthly kit clubs for a long time. They generally require a three month minimum commitment to get the best deal but the the media kit offerings I've found didn't really give me enough of a taste of products to play with. Kits might offer a couple of different color mediums, a stencil, some papers and embellishments and that's it. Since brand new products can be expensive, it's hard for vendors to really offer a big variety with a kit.

By offering samples - Heather found away to offer more with the mixed media kits at the Kraaft Shaak.

With the Kraaft Shaak's per kit purchase (no club) you choose:  

  • your alterable item
  • a 2 oz sample Prima chalk paint color
  • a 2 oz sample of either Prima Art Basic or Texture Paste product

There are no kits on the market (that I could find) that let you choose any part of what you get.  I've also not found kits that offer so many different samples so that you can try things out, see how they work, and get an idea of what you like.  

This kit will have a lot of Prima products and is filled with fun textures to use for play time.  In the last few years Prima Marketing has all these new things for mixed media - Art Ingredients, Art Basics, Art Extravagance. I haven't been sure what I wanted to buy, but I knew I wanted to try a bit of everything.  Heather's kit offers you a chance to try crackle paste or texture paste or molding past or soft gel ....!  Then there are samples of book papers, glitter, beads. Just so much!

I was so blown away by how far the two ounce samples go. Yes, it is actually 1/4 of of an 8oz. jar. It looks kind of small as you unwrap it from its protective packaging.  Don't worry.  It is 1/4 of a jar of product! You will have enough to alter your alterable item and more. (You are going to be so surprised by this that you will have to come back to this post and tell me all about your experience.)

Along with the big samples, you get lots of little samples, and as you will see with my upcoming project, they are a ton of fun to play with.

Each member of the new Kraaft Shaak design team was sent one of Heather's Mixed Media Kits from the Kraaft Shaak.

Mixed Media Kit, Art Kit, Kraaft Shaak

I have to tell you all, life is so busy right now.  I don't know if you have noticed, but I'm behind on my weekly goal of blogging. I even had to step back from one of my commitments because I just wasn't keeping up. My summer is going to continue to be busy with two part time jobs that equal to fifty or more hours a week including an incredibly tortuous commute.  

Can I just rant about the commute?  It's just- ARG.  Not my favorite thing. - and while I am working hard bringing in the income to buy craft supplies (or pay bills, what-ever) I have a few wonderful things going that make me jump out of bed with the sun!  And I am not a morning person! Today I have the day off and I jumped outta bed BEFORE the sun cause I am so excited to play with this kit!

Coming soon next Saturday is my post for the Kraaft Shaak Design Team. Each member of the design team was sent one of Heather's Mixed Media Kits from the Kraaft Shaak. 
Three projects have already been posted-

You can see +Sandra ArtfullyMade's post Here

You can see +Sylvia Tabor's post Here

You can see +Shel C's post Here

Speaking of play -

This is a great kit for scrapbookers who want to explore mixed media, people who want to explore their fearless creativity, and kid artists who are finished with the foam letters and popsicle sticks.  It is a great kit for kids who love art and are tired of those store bought, paint by number, color the birdhouse kits.  It's a great kit for kids who want to be creative while you are being creative.

Don't the children in your life do that?

I remember watching my stepmother make things.  She did needle point, yarn hook rug, doll making, acrylic painting, pottery, and concrete mosaics.  She tried lots of crafts.  I wanted to do what she was doing, try what she was trying.  She made it all look fun and easy.

It wasn't always either.  

That didn't stop me from wanting to try everything she tried.  One of the gifts I remember most from my dad and step mom was a box PACKED with all kinds of do-able crafts - and a book to give me ideas.  I used about 80 percent of that box it was so good.  (They even included a small bag of plaster of paris!) And I still have the book.

This is a great starter kit for crafty kids (with some adult supervision)  about age nine and up.  If they like to glue, paint, and play with glitter, get this kit.  If the child is beyond scribbles, foam shapes, and water color paints, get this kit.  

Open it up, and play together.

If you go to the store and Heather doesn't have an alterable surface you like, make sure to send her an email.  In fact, if you start browsing and see an item you might like but it says out of stock, send Heather an email first.  She is always getting new product and back ordered products in the store, and what isn't available one day may be on the shelves the next day.  

(As a design team member I received a free kit.  This favorable post was not solicited and a I receive no extra kick backs from your purchase of a kit other than the bragging rights of knowing that this really is one of the best mixed media kits ever and I said so!