The Happy Project

 Let's Spread A Little Happy

What is the Happy Project?  It's a pen-pal plan to send color, creativity, and encouragement to girls across the globe.

It kinda just happened out of my Words of the Year from 2016 and 2017, Pursue and Outcome - this is all about engaging my community in a positive heart felt way.  I gotta get outta myself and my stuff.

The idea also comes from a little girl in Texas.

 I sent her mom a copy of a hand drawn "zine" and she stole it. Or rather she begged her mom for it and Mom gave it to her.

A zine is a little booklet made from one piece of paper.  I can make one, copy it, then have lots to share. Last year I entered a Zine challenge with the YouTuber Crafty Irene. I have been making and sending out zine's to random friends as often as I managed to put stamps on envelops.  Which, actually, takes longer than you think it would. And while many of my friends were thankful, not a one of them was willing to beg for that happy mail.

Unlike a certain little girl in Texas.

And I remembered the girl I was and how much a little colorful mail in my mailbox would have meant to me.  I've used my scrapbook stash to make junk journals, flipbooks, and pocket letters which I've swapped with a decidedly post-teenage crowd of women, who, while they still love some colorful fun mail - most (if not all) of them already have a craft room full of it.

But what about creative girls who don't have access to all the extras us established crafters have overflowing in bins, baskets, and drawers?

And the Happy Project was born. 

 I posted on Facebook inviting moms to send me addresses for girls who might enjoy a pen-pal.  Within 1 day I had 10 girls signed up for "free" happy mail and a waiting list for more. 

Do You have a girl who needs needs a little encouragement and color in her life?  I have ages 7-15 on my list and even one elderly person.  

5 Ways you can join the Happy Project

1. Send your own Happy Mail & Let me know.  Take photos of your pretty envelope, letter, flipbook, pocket letter, etc, and share them on my Facebook Page.  Once you do that I will also share them on my Instagram. Don't forget:  #TheHappyProject

2. Donate to the cause so that I can send more free Happy Mail to those who need it most. Send me something from your own craft room to pass on to a girl from my list. Or help me send more of my own Happy Mail by donating to help me to afford more postage.

You can use my email and send me funds through PayPal. 

And drop me and email for information about how to snail mail me.

Just make sure to say it's for #TheHappyProject.  Every bit helps send some Happy. 

3. Join the Happy Club or Give the Happy Club -Next month (April) I will roll out my idea for some summer fun. This paid subscription will be 3 months of interactive mail, creativity, reading and art challenges, downloads, tutorials, and a lot of creative silliness. And I promise to go way overboard with the creativity.  Cause that's just how I roll. The Membership will be LIMITED. Some of the proceeds from this paid service will also help provide for girls whose can't afford something like this but who will be thrilled to get some Happy in the mailbox.

4. Spread the Word.  Share posts from my Facebook & Instagram and YouTube about  #TheHappyProject. Share this email.

5.  Know a girl in need of some Happy?  Get on her on my waiting list.  Email me directly with her story and address.

As usual I don't know how any of this is gonna turn out.  But part of my "fearless" story is to : DO IT ANYWAY.  

To keep updated on all of this (and more) you might want to subscribe to my email list.  I haven't quite got mail-chip figured out, but I'm willing to keep trying in an effort to spread the word.

Thanks For Your Time,




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