Ever Heard of the Call of Creativity?

Obsessed With Art

It has been a year of art supplies for me.  A year of neglecting the house cleaning, being thankful when the car didn't work, and forgetting to brush my hair.  A year when all I wanted to do was two things - pursue God and pursue art.  I took a few online classes.  I watched hundreds of hours of you-tube flip through and tutorials.  I talked about art.  Bought craft supplies with money I didn't really have for craft supplies.  A year when color combinations and texture creating and book binding dominated every free thinking moment.  

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When a creative frenzy comes upon me I am "commanded," "compelled" and "roused" to answer it. It keeps me awake at night, distracts me at work, and eats up hours. 

Has anyone else experienced this frenzy?

Because it kind of took up the whole year.  A whole year passed in an acrylic and watercolor rainbow infused state of obsession. 

I had a couple of commissions...I love them and yet I hate them.  I know I can do better...

I explored, experimented and dreamed. 

And I gave myself over to the call of creativity.  Or maybe it's God's call to creativity.  I made art and was paid for it, but I also gave a lot of art away and I was blessed for it.  Giving art away, I have discovered, is my preferred way of distributing it.  But since I am always in desperate need (Yes. I said desperate.) for more art supplies, I have to take money for it when I can. 

I think we find joy if we take time to do what we were created for - some of us were created to sing, some of were created to do complex math, some of us were created for knitting. I am a firm believer that as created creatures, we all have some gift in us just waiting to come out and shine.

What's your gift?  Are you using it?  And how did your 2017 go?  Let me know how you are doing in the comments.  I would love to hear from you.




  1. What a wonderful idea to reflect 2017's journey. Love this post and all the set in it. It's wonderful how you put the link between us being created and believing everyone has their talents. I strongly believe that too. I think G_d put a little something extra in each one of us. Talents seem to be the biggest with those who struggle the most. Especially when it's mental health they struggle with. I've been wondering for years weather the mental health problems are a side effect of "genius" or if those big talents are a gift to somehow make up for that struggle or maybe even help cope with it. I'd like to think it's that last one.
    It's our call to learn how to fully benefit from those talents.
    I've learned that you have discovered your way quite alright.
    Ah and the need for new art supplies. They're our candy addiction, right? New art supplies make me so happy. If I have to choose between new clothes or art supplies, guess what wins? New clothes get to meet the art supplies in no time anyway LOL. I don't have many clothes that don't have additional colours on them. I don't always need a lot of new supplies. Just one or two new crayons can make me just as happy.
    I wish you.a very creative 2018!!!

    Much love, Michelle


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