While I haven't been blogging, I have still been popping up on social media.  Currently, I am trying to do a live broadcast daily weekly during the month of October and share those broadcasts on other platforms.

You can follow me and catch me live @Dapoppins on Periscope and Twitter.  I will also be posting my scopes on my Facebook page.  

Why am I doing this?  

I ask myself that often!  

I like the live broadcast platform, (I also like just the video making part) because it seems like I get one chance to make my point and then it's done.  Unedited, imperfect, it's still done and I don't have to go through and make it fancy or cut out my mistakes.  

There are usually a lot of mistakes.  My mouth tends to run on without my brain.  

In fact, this talking live and unscripted has really opened my eyes to what is really in my heart.  I don't know if I'm the only one who is like this, but often I make a commitment with my brain and my heart is not on board with that commitment.  When I start talking, live and a little bit nutty, stuff just comes out in an effort to be entertaining.  

In the Bible, the book of  James talks about the tongue and the heart of man.  And some of the stuff that has rolled off my tongue has not been what I expected.  Not that any of it was "evil" as James talks about but it has been "fleshy"  

So, believe it or not, my silly scopes are helping me.  Revealing my heart, showing me ways I need to improve my thinking about God, life, myself, and others.  

I wonder if you will hear what I hear?

The October Challenge is to Scope every day.  I decided not to bear the weight of that pressure. For some reason, even a 3-minute scope can feel like it takes hours out of my day. So I will scope when I can.  In my car, in the grocery store.  Where ever!  The scopes are recorded live, so if I start talking to invisible people, just know that I am actually responding to comments.  

Do you ever live boradcast?  Please share your links in the comments if you do! 



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