My One Little Words

2011-2012: All
2013: Go
2014: Focus
2015: Fearless

What is one little word? What is one word for the year?

It's a word that I can explore.  One who's definition I seek to understand, live by, and influence my day, week, month and year.  It's the focus of my journaling (although I haven't been a daily journaler) and creative thought life.  

It took me most of 2014 to really understand what FOCUS meant for me.  I struggled finding that word, wrestled with what it could mean and how to apply it - until at the end of November I finally understood.  I don't feel like I really lived it out at all.  Maybe I will need a do-over.  

2015 was a  year of going forward, I had no trouble choosing my new word.  It hovered over me and settled into me at the end of December even as I felt overwhelmed with challenges.  Since finding my O.L.W. is apart of my spiritual journey, I prayed about it - or tried to pray, but the certainty of this word being right for this season was just too big.  I didn't need to pray about it because I knew.  

Less doubt - more confidence.  Moving forward, not living in the past. Taking risks.  Trusting.  More Faith.  No excuses.  

I lived it out the best I could.  Spoke up.  Felt foolish for speaking up.  Made mistakes.  Picked myself up and kept going.  Made new friends.  Met new people.  Shared my creativity.  Tested my limits. Tried new things.  Challenged others to try new things.    

It was a great year.  Not perfect, but it shaped me.  

I'm still working on my word for 2016.  

What's your One Little Word? 



  1. had to say it again - just LOVE THIS!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Heather. I am going forward boldly, no matter what!!!

  2. This is a fabulous piece - colour, thought, design and text. I love it!

  3. Amazing post, Dana! I am so glad we are sisters from another mother! It's going to be a K.A. year, In sha Allah (God willing)! Fearless, girl! I L♡VE it!

  4. Love, love, love your post. I see that I'm not the only one struggling with finding that one word. January 4th and I have not committed to a word...I've thought of several but have not put one down on my vision board for 2016.

  5. LOVE this post, Dana!!! You're amazing. I'm so glad to be traveling life via the internet with you.


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