Little Blessings

I wanted to share this amazing thing that happened right before Christmas.

 Maybe it's kind of a crazy thing, but for me, it was answered prayer.  These last couple of months have been hard.  We made a decision to step out in faith and put our family first.  Instead of being practical, I decided to do what my heart was crying out to do, listen to what I thought I was hearing, and make a commitment to be home more.  This put us in an even more difficult financial position then the hard one we have been struggling with for the last several years.

Working less is not a practical, sane choice by any means.

But spending time with my younger children, who need it so much, is crucial.

So, this was a hard Christmas.  I was only able to get two presents for each kid.  But amazingly, they each got the thing they wanted most, plus, out of nowhere, unexpected bounty arrived at our door, again and again.  The Lord sent real life angels to bless my children.

Although my prayers for full abundant provision from the Lord has not been answered yet, my prayers for my children were each answered in very unique ways.  Ways that let me know that the Lord had heard me, had not forgotten me, loved my family, and is not only working on my behalf, but working on the behalf of those I am praying for.

This gift for my daughter is one such answered prayer.




  1. Hi, Dana!

    I saw this on Instagram and didn't think it was real!! Super duper cute, but not real? It's real!!!!!!! Wow! How is it working out?


    p,s. Prayers are pretty awesome, huh? ♡


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