Find A Group For Encouragement On Facebook

We decided to confront our negative thoughts and change them to grateful thoughts.  We decided to be authentic.  We stepped over our differences and connected with each other through the things we share in common.

Oh ladies.  We share a lot in common.  We struggle with our health,  our weight, our jobs, with our kids, our emotions, our goals, our dreams, our heart-aches.  We struggle.  And we overcome.

--I really feel like a big Broadway musical number might be happening here.  Something with a bunch of ladies of every age, swinging their fists, stomping their feet and wiggling their behinds.  And we all sing out We Are Woman!--

A new Journey will begin soon.  

Right around the hardest time of the year.  When we are busy.  When we are financially strapped.  When the days are shorter, there a little less sunshine and we all need a little extra vitamin B-12 and vitamin D taken with our meals.   

Sometimes you need a girlfriend to take your side.  Sometimes you need a girlfriend to celebrate and understand that it was a big deal that you cleaned the kitchen today, completed that project or met that goal.  

Sometimes we just want to share our journey. 

There is a moderated group for encouragement on Facebook and you are welcome to join. Come be a part of the continuing Heart of Gratitude Journey.   If you join now (FREE) you will know when we start a new challenge, which will include gratitude prompts, art prompts, Instagram prompts, prizes and flash giveaways of real stuff you need, like gift-cards for coffee.    And gift cards you can give away.  (Absolutely FREE!)  

For some people this is the hardest time of year.  If you have facebook, this does not have to be so.  There is a warm, welcoming circle of ladies waiting to encourage you and remind you of all your blessings.  All you have to do is join HERE.

My dear best friend, The curator of Cute, Nancy of Domesticraft will be joining us on this journey. 

 If you haven't met her yet you are really missing out.  She is in the midst of a whirlwind launch of her new business, providing beautiful,  affordable photos for blog posts and custom advertising.

Many of her photos on Instagram have  powerful, encouraging quotes and motivating themes. I post a lot of her photos in the group just because they are so delicious.  

Here - LOOK.

You can visit her Instagram feed and just browse through her stream of pretty photos and get a big dose of her positive personality HERE. 

So, What are you waiting for?

Feeling lonely?  Feeling down in the doldrums and you just can't lift yourself out?  Need a Friend who is generous with the virtual hugs?

It's time to join the Gratitude Girls Cheer League.  




  1. Love this idea! I work from home so I don't get a lot of in-person interaction. A FB group is right up my alley :)

  2. Hi Dana!

    Okay, now, if that wasn't the sweetest blog post ever written! Wow, that was so nice and such a terrific suprise and better than caffeine even!! :)

    I so wanted to get the Gratitude Journey going again and we chatted some and then I got so busy and felt like I was dropping the ball and then WHAT??

    You had my back. You picked up the ball without me having to say a thing and you ran with it. And you scored! Yay! Cheers! Hip hip and Hooray!

    I adore you, my bonafide best friend! ♡ I am so, so, SO grateful you are a part of my life!

    I am going to use this as my inpiration to kick off my launch blog post. What better way than to start off grateful, right?


  3. This sounds like a really great group!!!

  4. What a fabulous idea! I've just applied to join the group. :)

  5. Wow this sounds like an amazing group! Finding your tribe where you can share your journey, connect, laugh, and cry together is a beautiful blessing. I think I will share this with my wife. God bless you in facilitating and leading this new group!

  6. Trying to reach you regarding your winning entry in my Bible giveaway. Please send your mailing address via the comment box at and congrats to you!

  7. Ok, you had me at free coffee. :)


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