Art Journal- Creating fearlessly

With four kids, September always feels like the start of a NEW YEAR.  The beginning of new things.  

It is a month of Transitions.  

  • My husband is at work
  • My  part-time Nanny position ended
  • Three kids are in Public School (two in high-school)
  • One kids is in on line school.  At home.  With me.  
  • My financial situation is in transition.  

This week I had three unexpected days off from my other part time job - and I am putting them to good use.  After being so busy all summer I could hardly think, it's time to get back and plug into the things I want to be doing instead of the things I have to be doing.  

You might notice some things there from Brave Girl University - they have downloads on the website created by Melody Ross that I've been playing with.  She and I have this thing in common, we love color.   I've been pushing off my worries with prayer and color.  Last night after I made these pages I finally felt some of my worry dissipate.  

Everything is going to be okay.  He's got this.  

He's got you.  

Have a great day! 



  1. Hi, Dana!

    Take some deep breaths, drive over here, let me buy coffee and/or lunch and let's get to brainstorming! :)



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