A Krafty Spark of Kreativity #KSDT2015

Plus the Mini Me Kit  


As a member of the Kraaft Shaak Design Team I was gifted a Mixed Media Kit to play with.  This box of crafty goodness comes packed with papers, a paint sample, and mixed media fun.  There is even glitter

 I loved it so much ordered a second kit for my eleven year old daughter PLUS a Mini Me Kit and a Chalk Writer.  I gotta say, she absolutely loved unpacking all the goodies. 

 Confession.  I love unpacking the goodies too, and we kinda argued about it.  She did have to remind me that I ordered the kit for her ---so with a sigh of utter resignation ---I forced myself to let her unpack it. And as silly as it sounds, this is a true story.

Since it is her kit, she got to decide what to make.  That took awhile as she went back to the kit again and again to dream up the perfect way to use the different products inside.

 I was kinda hoping she might see how the Prima Chalk Board Paint, the tray, and the Chalk Writer might go together.  (The Chalk Writer isn't apart of the kit itself, but it's bright pink and writes this fat, smooth and creamy line.  How could I resist it?) Since She loves to write lists, recipes, and plans, I thought she might enjoy this.  

I was so happy that she agreed with what I thought would work.  This kind of agreement happens so rarely it was almost magical!  

She decided not to embellish the tray.  

The next Project was something she had made before out of construction paper.  This time she got to use real ephemera papers, a pretty napkin and scraps of papers - all from the Mixed Media Kit. 

Paper Ephemera 

She applied them to a canvas using matte medium (from my stash.)

My daughter designed and cut out her own shapes to create an owl, choosing different paints from my personal collection. (Yes, I have a paint collection.  My grandma collected elephants.  I collect art supplies!) 

She layered the papers, cut the owl, and used tiny beads and mica lakes from the kit to embellish.  The little gems were something that came from her own stash.  (Yes, my eleven year old has a stash.  It's okay.  I steal from it all the time when she's at school.  Don't TELL.)  She wanted a night sky specifically so she could use those tiny blue beads, then added only 'just enough.'  I love how the owl turned out.  He is so perfect for October!  Even if he's not the least bit frightening. 

She worked on the little mandala canvas  while the layers of the owl were drying, painted it and then did the details with two different white pens.  My favorite Signo (available at the Kraaft Shaak) and a Posca White Pen.  She also used the mixed media kit's Art Sugar (Pretty, super fine glitter.  We love this stuff.) to highlight the white areas, but my camera couldn't catch the gorgeous sparkle.  

Why This Kit?

This kit has endless possibilities for a child.  Even after three projects, there are still lots of elements left over that can be used in collage, art journaling, mixed-media, decoupage, canvas art, altered art and recycled art. Less expensive art kits can be purchased in stores for kids - if your child is satisfied with foam, pom-poms and oddly colored markers that work for one day.  There are real mixed-media elements in this kit that work for both grown ups and kids while offering a chance to try out new things.  

It is a quality kit that will last way beyond one day of projects.  

I recommend you give it a try during the short, cold days of winter.  It worked well for us during the long, hot days of summer!  Make sure you come over to the Kraafters Kommunity on G+ and share what you made.  You can also visit the Kraaft Shaak Design Team page for some really Kool and Kreative ideas how to use a Mixed Media kit.  

While you are over there...here are a couple of things you (Mom) might consider getting for me to put under my Christmas tree.(Mom- hint, hint.)  I think they would be fantastic to use in my Bible journaling, art journal, or cards for friends.  Don't you? (Mom?).  

On MY personal Wishlist 

Affiliate links: This post contains lots of links to the Kraaft Shaak.  I was gifted a Mixed Media kit as apart of the design team but I receive no commission if you click on the links and browse the store. 



  1. This is so nice...I love seeing the creative experiences of young children!

  2. Your dear daughter sure made good use of the mixed media kit! I really love the owl :)

  3. wow Dana! Thank you so VERY much for sharing this post with the Kraaft Shaak and all the world as it was fun and a very wonderful read. I adore your daughter's creativity! What a joy it is to see her artwork and how she transformed the bits and pieces of that kit into MASTERPIECES! I do hope she is proud of herself!!

    I also loved that you two fought over the packaging. You know that is may favorite part. LOL

    I can not wait to see that Mini Me completed!!!! (hint hint)

  4. Brilliant! I love the owl picture so much!

  5. This has been a wonderful post Dana <3 Thank you for sharing :)


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