Design Team Announcement - Vote Dapoppins!

 I have really been focusing on my creative side here on the blog so far in 2015 - Not to worry, I will get back to some Children's literary explorations in March- But there have been some personal (non-nanny) opportunities that are just kinda taking over.

Being apart of a creative crew for Canvas Corp Brands is one of those.

If you do any scrapbooking, memory keeping, or scrap-related mixed media you would have heard of Canvas Corp Brands/ 7 gypsies/ and Tattered Angels.

7 Gypsies did grunge and vintage BEFORE Tim Holtz came along.  Way before.  And they are still doing it very well.

Tatered Angels was doing color mists when my sixteen year old was a baby.

And Canvas Corp does - well they do so much.  Paper packs, tiny clothes pins, things made from canvas and burlap.  At least one of their products can be found in every craft store you walk into.

To be on their Creative Crew is HUGE!

It's a big stinkin' crafty deal!

And Their CREW is huge.

For a family run company, they have a huge lot of wonderful, diverse designers. The company wants to remind people about their diverse range of products, and the best way to do that is to have a lot of different craft bloggers posting about Canvas Corp products.  The company has been very generous with their product too, so that all the designers can have a chance to show it off.

 I am so incredibly grateful to be one of the team. 

Our very first challenge was to create personal, meaningful 4x4 canvas in our style. 

I think by now a child holding an umbrella is self explanatory for Dapoppins.  I used golden gel medium, golden bead gel medium, paper, a FabScraps chipboard child and LOTS of Tattered angels mists.  I layered the mists with the gel medium.

Cell phone photo shows the shine a little better...

Now I need you to do something for me.  Go to the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Studio Blog, find my canvas and VOTE for me.

I know there are about ten or twenty other canvas's you might want to vote for.  They are interesting, and diverse and so cool.  BUT find MINE and SAY "I love that Dana S. aka Dapoppins!"  

I would be ever so grateful if you did. 

Click photo to go to Canvas Corp Brands Creative Studio 

 Thank YOu.  



  1. You got my vote, Dana :) I Love yours soooooo MUCH! it would look beautiful on my Masterpieces wall in my living room :) Keep up the wonderful work! Type to you later :)


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