♡The Heart of Gratitude♡ Day 8: The Art of Gratitude

Begin Each Day With A Grateful Heart

I have been trying to journal - or doodle, or work on a little bit of creativity every day since Nancy of Domesticraft.blogspot.com and I started this 21 Day Journey of living out the Heart of Gratitude.

I want you to know that I have learned at least one very important thing in these last eight days of journaling, posting, and sharing.  

Can you guess what I learned?

That's right.  I can finally spell the word, "GRATITUDE!"

I don't have to look it up anymore!  I no longer start out , g-r-a-D-i...

I have totally got this Gratitude thing down now.  Yay me!

Gratitude is a work of the heart.

You are free to be happy.

Never let the things you want make you forget the things you already have

Forever is Composed of Nows

Dance through fields of flowers, sing like no one is watching

But Gratitude can't just be something in a book, something you draw or write about, or something I just post on face book, Gratitude is something I want to practice.  I want gratitude and thankfulness to be active in my life.  

Today is Valentine's Day, but instead of getting cards and candy and celebrating romance, I want to practice the art of gratitude by giving stuff away.

Or rather, I want to watch Nancy practices the aRt of Gratitude by giving away a fun, colorful, selection of crafty goodness.

Click on photo to go Nancy's blog! And see the winners)

(this photo is swiped off of instagram - have you seen Nancy's instagram feed?  She has a talent with setting up a cute scene that you really don't want to miss.  You should go and follow her.  You don't have to, but really, if you like cute stuff, you should go and follow her @Domesticraft)

How has your week gone?  Have you practiced having a grateful heart?  Has it changed anything? Are you having fun following along on the Journey?

Don't forget to come back on TuEsDAy.  The Journey isn't over with just one giveaway.  THERE ARE MORE! More stories, more love, more art journaling, more of me spelling a word correctly.  

Seriously.  Do you want to miss that?



  1. I'm in for the giveaway...... You are so stinking creative keep up the good work

  2. Needed to see this today-thank you. Your work is beautiful and insightful. Evidently I am in my dotage because I can't seem to keep up with this journey. But I love and try to practice the concept. I learned a long time ago you really only need to say 2 prayers-please in the morning and thank you at night. I don't miss too many nights.

  3. I was telling/typing Nancy that this is sew exciting! It's like a fun gratitude game :) My week was wonderful! I hope that you are feeling much much better :)


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