Using My Scrapbooking Supplies To Make Christmas Cards.

I signed up for a Christmas card exchange this year on World Wide Nannies - I don't know what I'm thinking really.  Time vs All The Things I Want To Do vs All The Things I Should Do - does not usually equal a win /win situation for me.  But in the midst of finishing other projects  (to sell, hopefully)  I find I have just enough time on my hands to play around with scraps of paper. 

I love paper.  Pretty paper seems to connect so well to good books to me, as if the two are relatives. So while I do scrapbook family photos, I often find myself buying paper just because it is too cute or pretty to pass up.  

Again, I build my case for the fact that I don't have much practice as a card maker.  Like I said on my last post, I haven't even sent out store bought cards for the last five years or so.  

-Way to bite off more than you can do, Dapoppins!  I sign up for a list that has about fifteen names on it and then decide to hand make all the cards!

I think my pony tail must be too tight, or something. 

I have a few things coming up that you might want pop back in and check out - Guest Posting at about a subjects I feel passionate about at NannySheCando and Care Academy. (this is so awesome.  I am a published non-fiction author!  Step one on my journey to becoming a famous fiction author like Lemony Snicket!)

Another Party Time Tuesdays design team example where I get to use some wonderful vintageish downloads from My Artistic Adventures.

A list of fun things to do on the internet for kids during Christmas Season.

My design Team Tutorial for Craft Warehouse --This is gonna be super fun!

Another design team announcement and photos of the happy mail that comes with it!

And- a blog post about weather or not I am able to finish all these Christmas Cards!



  1. Beautiful projects Dana, love all the gorgeous supplies!

  2. Those are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! How do I get on your card list?!?!? JUST KIDDING!!!! But only because I don't send out holiday cards, so I would never be able to maintain that kind of relationship. :-)

  3. Although...maybe I should start sending them. I do have a one year old people want to see, after all. And more pictures of her than I can shake a stick at!


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