Tis the Season: Card Making with Dapoppins

For as much as I love paper, I haven't done much card making.  Do you make Christmas Cards or do something special to personalize them?  I think it's been five years since I actually sent out Christmas cards.

But this year I've been itching to do something special as well as use up my supplies. So this weeks design team example for Party Time Tuesdays (and next weeks) is a Christmas Card.

Unfortunately I still had to go out and buy a couple of things so I could "use up my supplies."

To make these coo-coo clocks I found a bird house shape online and just moved things around a bit.  The paper is older Jenni Bowlin. It's not even Christmas Paper, but I thought it worked.  I've had the clock faces for years, along with a stash of ribbon.  The little ornament clock-dangle things I bought last year and never used.  

I like the idea of the coo-coo clocks.   But I'm not sure how I like the end result.  I don't have a steady Stickles hand at all.  I could sit here and pick them apart, and tell you all the other things I don't like...
But part of my new determination for Fearless Creativity  means to turn down that internal editor and just move forward. To just make it - share the final product, and hope for positive feedback. 

These cards started a whole card making frenzy.  Yes.  That's right.  IT was a Frenzy I tell you! Paper, Glue, Stickers, ribbon, and then I had to bring out the big guns.  That's right - HOT GLUE and GLITTER.  

Okay.  Only a little glitter.

So I will have more cards - from the resulting FRENZY, to share with you before Christmas.  I would love to send you one.  Seriously.  I could send you a card and you could tag me @Dapoppins on Instagram so that I know you got it.  You could even tell me what you thought of it.  

The first two people to leave a comment and drop me an email with their addressee (my email is...wait for it...Dapoppins@gmail.com!)  will get a Christmas Card made by me.  

Don't leave me hanging here people.  Please Comment.  You have to now.  It's Happy Mail.  Who dosen't like a little Christmasie Happy Mail?



  1. These look gorgeous, I so admire how talented you are in the craft department. I haven't sent out Christmas cards for years either but this season I'm feeling a resurgence in old fashioned christmas season hospitality. xx

  2. Dana, please stop with the "I don't really make cards" You could have fooled me!

    These are gorgeous! Seriously, beautiful!

    Man, I can't wait to do some crafting with you! We are going to have so much fun! ♡


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