Five Ideas For a Low Stress December

1 Plan Ahead
Time management is all about planning ahead and scheduling.  Living in the moment for the month of December  will likely result as things forgotten at the grocery store, last minute gift buying, late night present wrapping, and underestimating how much time everything takes.

2 Make Lists
Make lots of lists while you're planning ahead.  Take advantage of large stores like Target or Walmart that have one stop shopping and get everything on your list in one stop.

3 Say No
If we don't want to get over-stressed, if we don't want to over stress our kids,  we can't say yes to every party, event, church performance and cookie baking activity that comes our way.  Don't be afraid to say No.

4 Store Bought
If you can afford it, take advantage of opportunities to get Take Out.  I live near Portland, a mecca of Foodie awesomeness.  And while I can't afford take out, maybe you can.  Not everything has to be made by our hands for it to be tasty.


5 Gift Cards

Don't be afraid of gift cards.  Kids like them too if they have access to a computer and can go shopping right away.  A gift card is easy to buy, easy to wrap and people really do like them. Except for a few Grandmas - and you already know about that if you have one of those Grandmas in your life.



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