Red Umbrella - Dancing In The Rain 3-D Mixed Media

This is the second umbrella mixed media framed board I've created.  I see more in my future.  I find I have so much I want to explore, technique, texture, color, mixing patterns, colors, collage and layers. 

I used to wonder why an artist would create the same essential piece of art over and over.  Now I know, it's not just a matter getting a subject right, to me, it's become all the different ways I can tell the story of  the same subject.

I used torn pieces of patterned paper from my scrap pile. Not one piece was new or even whole, smoothing them with a credit card and gel medium as I went.  I tend to use what is on hand, sometimes Golden Brand medium but often Modge-Podge because it seems to be less expensive. After the first layer of decoupage is finished, I scraped a bit of gesso over the top because the patterned papers were just to dominant for the direction I was headed.   You might notice the translucent rays.  I used my favorite Studio Calico Template and painted the empty spaces with Tattered Angels glaze.

I printed the girl on paper, decoupaged it to thin cardboard, (this time from a cereal box) and set her aside as the very last element.  But I needed her to help me place the water rings, also cut from used papers (I'm pretty sure these are K & Company).  I added an extra wash of blue over the rings with Distress Paints, painting with my fingers.  

The rain drops are hand cut tissue paper that I sprayed with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, and then later, after they were glued down, touched up a little.   

The girl's overcoat/dress is yellow tissue paper I cut to fit.

Her face shape just formed itself by accident.  I attempted eyes but this seemed to blur the lovely profile.  I didn't want to ruin it so I used a charcoal pencil to emphasize the edges of the "hair," and Distress Paint to make her face stand out.

The umbrella is Tattered Angles Mist and Glimmer Glam.

The idea of dancing in the rain, holding the umbrella, but not evening using it- it expresses such freedom to me.

The skirt is tissue paper too, both yellow and plain white that I painted with Tattered Angels.  It had a softer, tissue feel before I finished the whole project with spray varnish, but I thought a sealer might be a good idea since some of the media I used was still reactive to water. 

There may be a storm outside, but I'm just going to dance my way through the mud puddles. 

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  1. This is wonderful - so whimsical and dimensional!

  2. Looks so cute - you're very talented!

  3. Dana, I. LOVE. IT. !!!!!!! When I get home we need to set aside some serious crafting time! 1/2 sewing and 1/2 this mixed media biz. I really, really love it! Do more! :)

  4. Fun piece. Love the techniques you used. Thank you for the comment on my Girly Christmas Tags. The Blue background is a die cut. I fussy cut around the stars themselves.


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