What Is Dapoppins about?

 I've been in the slow process of trying to change the direction and focus of my blog, and in some ways my life.  I've never really kept this space as a personal diary, but instead posted things I wanted to share, with an audience in mind.  However,  it's always been random things connected to my life and my passions.

I'm passionate about a lot of stuff.

I had a meeting with a person who looked at my blog and offered some really helpful tips.  It's always nice to have a 3rd party with unbiased eyes look at your work.  It was a positive experience.  But, true to form, as soon as someone told me what to do, I suddenly didn't want to do it any more.

I know there are other people out there who do this.  We look for advice on a project, reassurance we are headed in the right direction, and as soon as we get it, all the motivation drains away. Since blogging isn't a job, and I'm accountable to no one to get it done, I just kinda, frittered away my time schedule.   Gahh!

Procrastinate much?

Change, Procrastination, Dapoppins

My intention, because I feel a need to explain myself, is to turn Dapoppins into a brand of sorts.  What does Dapoppins offer?

My  Point of View: which is occasionally inspiring and entertaining.

Nanny life and loves -things like books, kid-items, and crafts that I do with kids.

Kid book reviews.

Some paper-craftiness thrown in, because it is one of my passions that I love to share.

My blog is about telling stories.  Telling the stories of my life, my career, my passions, and encouraging others to tell stories.  With a more than 20 years of "Umbrella Magic"  and Nanny wisdom thrown in.

My husband made the new header for me.  Poor guy.  We looked forever for free fonts.  Then I told him I wanted water color splashes.  First the umbrella was too big.  Then too black.  Then I didn't like one of the color splash colors.  I'm a "I'll know it when I see it," kind of person.  He is a, "Can we just finish this," kind of person.  But we finally got it to the point where I felt satisfied.

So, that's my FOCUS for 2014. And the FOCUS for Dapoppins.  Thank's for reading.



  1. I love the header, it is happy and colorful and whimsy'ish and a bit pinchy. . . just like you

    focus is good



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