Art Canvas: Be This Guy

Be This Guy, Stand,

This photo was circulating around Face Book a while ago. 

Wikipedia says:

 August Landmesser (born 24 May 1910; 17 October 1944; confirmed in 1949) was a worker at the Blohm Voss shipyard in Germany -best known for his appearance in a photograph refusing to perform the Nazi Salute at the launch of the navel training vessel.  

Do you see him there? From the left, near the middle of the photo, the resolute looking man who is not saluting, but has his arms over his chest.  

His story is incredible and sad.  He was killed because of his convictions.  

I'm sure he didn't set out to be a martyr, he joined the Natzi party looking for work, nothing more.  He was just an ordinary man who refused to lie, pretend, or go along with the status quo.  

Altered Art, Mixed Media, Dapoppins

Altered Art Canvas, Mixed Media,

My husband is an amazing man of integrity and conviction.  (He will tell you he is not.) He set standards for himself that he does not break.  One of them is that he does not council or spend time with women who are not his wife.  It doesn't matter who the woman is, or  how old she is, his standard is across the board to avoid spending time alone with any woman.  That doesn't mean that he doesn't talk to women, or isn't friendly and helpful, he is.  Very much so.  He can talk my girl friend's ear off about computer stuff.  But he will only do this if I am there. 

Mixed Media, Altered Art Canvas

This is one of his core values, and since we've been married almost eighteen years, I think it 
is one of  the principals of our marriage that has helped carried us through.  Certainly there have been tough times.  But his fidelity and commitment to me and our family have never once been in question because of the standard he set eighteen years ago.  It may be old fashioned thinking, but I have never felt insecure of my husbands love or attention either.  Not once. 

There are so many examples I could give you of his honesty and his refusal to compromise.

You might think that this makes my husband stubborn and hard to live with - But he is also humble.  He asks forgiveness from his wife.  He asks forgiveness from his children when he feels he has done wrong, lost his temper, or feels he handles a situation incorrectly. .

I don't often have writing on my pieces.  I think I like them to tell their own story.  But August Landmesser reminded me so much of that Bible Story with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abedngo when they would not bow down.  (Daniel 3) and the New Testament verse, "Having done all, Stand." (Eph 6:13) 

And ofcourse, he reminded me of my husband. 



  1. Wow lovely insight. Your husband sounds like a remarkable man, father, husband and friend.

  2. Dana, Wow! I don't know how I missed this post, but I'm so happy I came back!

    Beautiful, touching, and so, so moving. It's like you wrote about my husband too! It's pretty great to have such men in our lives, isn't it?

    You are such a loving and warm lady, it's no wonder I was drawn to you! Thanks for being you, Dana!


  3. Dana, that was lovely to read. Thank you for sharing. Ali

  4. This is a wonderful post, and a terrific comment not only on your husband, but on standing up for what is right. Well done.

  5. I think this piece is pretty great! I love the colour pallet and texture of it. If you wanted to have August more clear then you could always fussy cut him out and glue him on. Then he would be even more distinct standing out from the crowd with both intent and dimension.
    But he is great as he is as well!
    Keep creating, can't wait to see what is next!

  6. I enjoyed reading your writings...

  7. Dana, I love your art work, the photo that you worked with is great, and well, the story is touching family cords by me. I don't think that the transfer came out to black, on the contrary I think it needs to be heavy, get more focus and attention on the piece. Well done!
    And how happy you can be with such a husband, when I was young I always dreamed about finding my soul mate, the one who will stand by me just to discover that he doesn't exist, marriage is not more than a necessary paperwork for tax redaction for him and having my son accepted by my traditional family for me. My soul mate became my son, who interestingly understands, supports and even critics my art works. Your post is a wonderful tribute for a great relationship!

  8. Wow, lovely canvas Dana with a powerful message! Very meaningful! Your husband sounds like a man of principle. Mine is a man of habits, which means I never have to question his integrity either, LOL!

  9. I really love this Dana!!!!! I know about this "be this guy" type of man, because that is the type of man I married over 35 years ago. It is so refreshing to hear of other men like that. God knows we need to see more of these "old fashioned" values today! God bless you and your husband and also the man that was in the photo. I know he was killed, but think of the legacy he passed on to his relatives and to those of us today who got to see the picture. hugs, Patty


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