Ye Old City

"I have just heard five pistol shots down the street.... The pistol did its work well...two of my friends were shot. Both died within three minutes."
-- Mark Twain describing Virginia City to his mother in a letter.

We only visited Virgina City a couple of times with I was a girl, and I loved it.  A step back into time.  It was the best place in Reno.  A place for old fashioned fantasies... I could live out my life with Little Jo, or walk to school with big sister Laura.  All I needed was a long skirt, a bonnet, and a horse.  

I fashioned a skirt and petticoats out of several of my mothers...I could never find a decent bonnet, and darn it, the horse was in a different state.  

But that's another story.

I find it odd that homes form this ear contain tiny beds, meant to hold two people, and short doorways, meant for regular sized people to walk through, but these door ways are tall enough for your average basketball player. 

(Say hi to my mom. )

Now if the outside is oldish and original , what could the inside be filled with?  Just tons of vintage, antique, historic and other of stuff.

There were plenty of things I wished I could buy, and plenty of historic treasures tucked into corners.

This old globe was worth quite a bit in it's day.  

Something I didn't get any good pictures of were all the rusty vintage things used as decorations.  Crates, glass, cans, just oodles of stuff.  

Many glass cases held silver dollars.  Hundreds of dollars worth of silver dollars.  You have heard of the Silver Queen, haven't you?

You should go here to read about her and just how much she is worth.  Also, the hotel she is named for, has apparently been featured on Ghost Hunters.

I would love to stay the night in a well cared for but creepy and creaky hotel, walk down the stairs.

And jump into Little Joe's arms.

As my bloggy Aunt would say.

Le Sigh.



  1. I LOVE!!! Virginia City!! I have some family in reno and every time we've gone to visit, we've gone there. Granted that's only been 2 or 3 times but still I love it! So much fun.

  2. Thanks for taking us on your vacation. I've never heard of this, but love the old - young photo of Michael Landon!


  3. how cool to see it through your eyes girl~!..sweet pics!:)

  4. How cool is this....We both posted about Historic Places. Great pictures of antiques and buildings. Hi to your Mom! What a grand pianos? Thanks for stopping by. Looks like ya'll had a great time....makes me want to go to Vegas...never been!

  5. ooops...I meant Nevada...altho Vegas would be on my list as well as Virginia City.

  6. Oooo... I don't think I could stay in a creepy old hotel. If you ask me during the daytime, I'd say no problem. But it's night right now and my husband is at work. Creepy, creaky sounds just won't do!

  7. Oh, thanks for the memories! Back in the late 80's, early 90's, we lived just a few miles from Virginia City and we loved taking our out-of-state guests with us to visit. In fact, we came close to moving there one year when a job opened up for my husband down the hill from there, but it wasn't meant to be. But it was great fun to think about actually living in such a blast from the past city. (I probably would have loved it too much and eventually would have believed I'd gone back in time...heh...) I'm glad you had such a nice visit! Blessings, Debra


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