Scrappy Me

Before I went for my nephew's graduation, I cleaned out my craft area bedroom, so that my husband wouldn't  have to navigate the dangerous area of glue, paper, glitter, and precious pictures without a guide.

Every evening when I am in that nice tidy space----


This little note is tucked inside the envelop.  I so want to do collage, and clutter up my pages with color but I have no eye for it at all. And I see all these cute paintings that are basically someones cute sketch and I think, hey, I can doodle, maybe I can draw and paint too...but sadly the two do not meet in the middle. The "I can do that too," is because I'm inspired by all the blogs and craft places online to try new things.

Is there anything about other peoples blogs that inspire you?  Have you tried a new home project because you read about it on someone's blog and thought,"Hey, I can do that too!"  Have you tried a new recipe, or stepped out of your comfort zone to enter a challenge?

How did it turn out?

Or am I the only one?



  1. I tried a recipe one of mmy blog friends posted, last night. And I was glad I did! It was delicious.

  2. of course, and you have inspired me. Yeah I know I don't get it either ;-)

    Turned out fairly well

    Speaking of I like your page and the drawing

    one never knows what one can do without ordering one to do it (that's queen talk for go ahead, what ya got to loose)

  3. youre the only one..ha just kiddin hun..I make headbands and jeweled hair accessories!

  4. I have been dying to try a new recipe I found on someone's Blog but I need to go to the grocery store and get the stuff! I really do get inspired from other peoples Blogs every day :)

    Thanks so much for coming by my Blog for a visit!


  5. I want to be able to design my own awesome blog template. I still haven't figured out how to do it.

  6. Hi there...I'm sorry you missed our flea market. Mark your calendar though..our next one is Saturday, July 31st and it's going to be BIG with lots of fabulous vintage vendors...a very enjoyable day!
    Lisa :-)

  7. Your not the only one. My favorite thing to try is recipes. I have a gazillion of them stored in my favorites.


  8. OT but... You commented on my blog; "I have noticed that you haven't gone all political lately...I have done at list 10 political posts in my head in the last month. "

    Pardon caps but... DON'T YOU READ MY SIDEBAR? I PUT A NEW POLITICAL LINK UP, DAILY. And keep a couple of day's old ones, up on sidebar, under the latest link.

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! People aren't even looking at the top of my sidebar?!? Eeeeeeeek! Doing this top of side bar links, gives me the feeling that I am "doing something." Without banging people over the head, with out-and-out political posts, much.

    -le sigh-

  9. Hey, why do you make us do Word Verification, when you already do Comment Verification?????????

    Do you know that some bloggers just don't comment or return, to blogs which use Word Ver.? Especially when the blog uses Comment Ver. anyway.

  10. hey girl..your link back to this site didnt come here but I found ya again from an old


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