Collaged cigar boxes

Collaged boxes... 

 Can you pick the boxes out from the newspapers they are sitting on?

I just collaged the lids of these wooden cigar boxes.  I made them as stuff-boxes for the kids of my best-girl friend.  Told the kids I expected the boxes to be treasured for the rest of their lives.  I want a picture of them holding their box at their college graduation as proof. 

The boxes were filled with snacks.  "Kids, don't throw the box away when you finish all your snacks. Mmmmm'kay?"

I made a girly box with left-over party decorations to hold a birthday scrap album for an eight- year old girl...
Now my daughter wants to make her own next. 

But I just got the mess I made from these boxes cleaned up!

Do you ever make gifts to give away? Do you hold your breath waiting for the recipients reaction?



  1. Those are really neat! I especially like the inside of the girly one. Very creative gift! I have made gifts once in a while to give away. I've crocheted stuffed animals and dolls to give to nieces and nephews when they were very young. They seemed to like them. It was fun to do too!

  2. You are so crafty. I am not, so no, I don't make gifts for others.

    Very cute ideas. And perhaps your best girl-friend would like one of those collaged boxes, for herself?

    Gentle January hugs...

  3. Love those boxes!!! And yes, I actually gave 2 of mine for Christmas presents this year--to a 6 and 10 year old. I think I'll tell them to take the boxes with them at their college graduation too--such a good idea!! :)

  4. I sewed plushie lightsabers for my nephews for Christmas this year. Luckily they loved them. I am usually the person that thinks of all kinds of things to make for people, and then I never get around to actually making them!

  5. Yes. And Yes.

    I love your boxes. Very clever idea. ^_^

  6. Those are wonderful..and a delight to those who receive them, I'm certain!

  7. So nice. I love how you demanded that the kids treasure the boxes and provide proof of said treasuring at college graduation. Honor the work and thought put into these, or else!

    I haven't made handmade gifts in a long time, beyond consumables. I painted a treasure box for by niece (pre-kids) that matched her bedroom decor. I still treasure that box. (:


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