How do I love thee?

Since last week my husband has been dropping hints about what he wants for a Valentine's gift.  It's not the card-a-day for fourteen days that touched him, or the surprize balloon-bouquet sent to him at work, or even the card with the chocolate lips that says, "You Moooooove me."

No, it was the pizza. On whim I once sent him a pizza for lunch at work. A double meat, pepperoni and sausage, heart-attack in a box, size large pizza. Just for him. 

Nothing says I love you like pizza.

How will you say "I love you" this Valentine's day?




  1. I think we're going to dinner this year. I means I don't have to shop or cook. Works for me.

  2. Pizza sent to me at work would have thrilled me too! One time I showed up at my husband's work with freshly baked lasagna and garlic bread and the kids. He loved that 30 minute lunch. Men and food. It's true what they say.

  3. I love the pizza sent to work idea! Alas, as hubby is a recovering bypass patient, it will probably be a salad!

  4. I'll say it with an All American Chocolate Cake from Costco. We are on a two week no dessert/sugar fast and Saturday is the day we are allowed to have dessert again.

  5. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I love it! You've got to love a man! Pizza for lunch is brilliant! I may have to steal that one from you! ;)

  6. Probably over the phone. Such is the lot of a trucker's wife. SIGH.

  7. LOVE the pizza! I don't know, though. I've never said "I love you" on Valentine's before.

  8. Anonymous6:22 PM

    that's a Valentine my DH would loove too! I don't know what it is about guys and pizza!lol..
    ..I probably make him a down home breakfast.. biscuits.. eggs.. bacon.. he loves that..

  9. Anonymous7:39 AM

    That's too funny! But they do say a way to man's heart is through his stomach... or like that.

    I'm not sure what we will do, my back gave out and I can't move much.

  10. Wow - that pizza looks amazing! Will you be MY valentine?

    Thanks for visiting yesterday. I love your blog!

  11. Nothing says "I Love You" like whacking their worst enemy over the head with a shovel in a dark alley, they will love you forever

  12. we had vats of chocolate but pizza works for me anytime girl..ha


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