I dream of projects

Well, fall is here. We have even been to the pumpkin patch. Sort of. Okay, I really just drove around for an hour looking for the pumpkin patch and couldn't find it, and finally gave up and so we went to a little farm store on the way home and bought a pumpkin for an exorbitant price because I promised that I would buy at least one.

And while I was there I bought apples for less than a 1$ a pound. I don't know how much they were, but it was less than a dollar, at least. And I live in a state where you can sometimes find them just growing in the middle of nowhere this time of year. They should be free! But usually, they are more than a dollar a pound.

So, I guess between the pumpkin and the apples I broke even.

Here it is. My girl and I dressed it up with some local leaves. They were laying around outside.

Here it is in the warm glow of sunset...I am trying to get artsy with my photos...don't think I pulled it off.

It is no secret that some of my favorite blogs are full of gorgeous crafty goodness. I love that the blog world affords us all a chance to create and share without having to buy a magazine or go to a class... It's through this blog window that I have gone from scrap-booking baby albums, to making books, to challenging myself with even more adventurous projects...

I have this box...

My brother-in-law gave it to me...expecting a masterpiece. It is full of nothing but possibilities. And maybe a secret...

Maybe it is full of nothing more than dust and junque.

I wonder what the secret is?

Oh dear. Lady Audley, I think you need some clothes, and some glitter and bling, don't you think?
But I have never really altered anything. I am afraid to use my precious papers and my unique treasures to make something out of this box...something that will tell a story. To alter it would be to change it, permanently.

I don't like change.

I would go so far to say that I have to be dragged forward into change kicking and screaming. I have been known to yell and cry at my children when discovering they have grown another inch. (--I told you not to do THAT!!)

And yet...I have this box...And it goes without saying that it needs something...
(A belated thank you to this lady for the prize I won on her blog!)

I am going to post the recipe for the apple pancake on Friday...but this comes with a challenge a demand, a request. I have made this dish different every single time. So, I am wondering, how will you make it, and how it turns out...so you have to tell me. Kay?




  1. Snort. Lady Audley has some explaining to do.

    My husband doesn't like change either. I on the other hand jump in with two feet way more often than I should.

  2. i am anti change...and currently going insane because I have no routine...

    anyway- I have that same paper! ALL OF IT... I love it. (and of course the box)

  3. I love change! I would've done something to that box at least three times by now.

  4. Okay...I'll tell you how it comes out. Thanks for future post on apple pancakes!

  5. What a pretty presentation for your pumpkin! I think it's pretty artsy.

  6. Oh the potential for greatness! How it inspires! How it terrifies!

  7. So the secret is out. Lady Audley is a tart.

    Apple pancake...yummm.

  8. Funny-- Thanks for the visit! Denise

  9. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Scarp-booking? Hm. I'll have to try my hand at that.

    Lady Audley needs some teensy tiny red tassels...

    Either those or a gray sweat suit. Maybe a gray sweat suit with teensy tiny red tassels...

    Forgive me. I've been inhaling cardboard box fumes for way too long.

  10. Hey, just stopping by to say hello. I seem to have lost your profile on Cre8buzz. Hope you're doing well.
    Tami (Regan)

  11. You are so crafty! The only craft I make is soap.

    How did you make that pumpkin look like a fall wonderland?

    You crazy woman.

    And apples are expensive here too. It drives me nuts.

  12. I was just talking about the price of apples. Along with everything else, they have went up. *sigh* Grateful gas prices are falling though *yay*

    Love the pumpkin display with the china.

    Lady Audrey looks more like lady heather from csi (las vegas).....

  13. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I like the pumpkin decor. But I LOVE that dish collection!

    Are you going to read the novel? I'd be so curious!

  14. Well, you don't have to wreck the box to do something with it, although I have no suggestions. I'm the type that would use it in the bathroom for extra toilet paper or something.

    Is it friday yet?

  15. now is that there jack-o-lantern big enough to carve?..i dont know, im kinda worried..

  16. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Yur pumpkin is perty! Your transferware is lovely...
    ...Lady Audrey needs that sweat suit..with the tiny red tassels!!!lol!!!!
    Oh girl, if you set about to change the box...what is fun is you can control it!! I hate change..but when I can make the change...that's okay then.
    anyway..hope yur havin' a good week!


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