My angle girl...she will be six years old on Monday February 15th.  I am so glad that I had a daughter so I can do froofy girl things with her picture.  The boys were outraged when I added angle wings to their pictures and declared that they were destined for the blog...the girl just asked if she could make one too.



Anne Geddes eat your heart out!

I made a book for my husband at Christmas (this last year) with just pictures of him and the kids when they were itty bitty. I am not quite done with it...but I gave it to him anyway...the writing is all based on the song, "The Words I Would Say," by Sidewalk Prophets...Every time I hear this song I think this is a prayer a father might have for his children.

Every picture I took of my layouts was very orangeish.  I didn't use a flash, because of the glare, but I do not know why they come out so orange, do you?  I messed with them a bit in infanview but they still have better color in real life.

So, here again is prooff that I do scrapbook and love to buy supplies as much as I say I do. In fact the other day I was unwrapping a piece of sugar-free Orbit Gum and thought to myself "Huh, I could use the wrapper in a layout!"

Speaking of sugar-free.  My kids have noticed the life change I am making.  One of them told me today that I was sure "Up" alot.  Instead of in bed asleep.  And that is the best thing ever!  One of my fears is that when the kids grow up all they will remember is trying to get a "Yes or No," answer out of my while I am asleep.



  1. I have to say that your blog is always a mystery. -giggles- A mystery... Will I be able to comment or will I not?

    And obviously, I could!

    OK, I'm nutty. But I already knew that! >,-)

  2. Beautifully done! :o)

  3. VERY CUTE!!
    I bet your boys would let you put swords in their hands. :-)

    Remind 'em - there are warrior angels. LOL

  4. luv em girly!..I'm quite crafty meself!..Valentine hugsss! :)

  5. I love having my girls in the mix for all the frilly stuff too. I can't deny it! Love the angel wings pic. It's almost enough to make me a scrap booker. Especially if I were scrappy enough to use gum wrappers in the layouts. Cool!

  6. Anonymous4:08 PM

    All of them. Mom stocker.

  7. Lol about the gum wrapper. I was unwrapping a Dove chocolate and thought the same thing- should I save the wrapper?

  8. Love the pages - and I love that song, too! Do you have any daylight bulbs? I'm not talking the $$$ ott lites, but the daylight CFLs (just a bit more expensive than the regular bulbs, but the difference in lighting is amazing).. standard bulbs give off a very orangey/yellow cast. I have a couple lamps with those CFLs and generally use those to light my detail shots.


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