New Game

I am thinking of developing a new series of video games. (I have never played SIMs so let me know if I am stealing any ideas.)
Let's bounce ideas around here. SUPER DAD! He fights traffic, avoids early morning road kill, and looses a life if while on the way to work he gets stuck behind a school bus. Power ups are: Sports scores, finding the reception for his favorite talk radio show, and over-priced pepperoni pizza. Super dad must fight his way through twenty years of challenging and exhaustive play levels. Traffic, work, communication with a Harpy, (Communication with the…what is the opposite of a harpy?)Play time with the kids—can he survive that fifth pony ride? Build a 2 foot Lego robot with moving arms, legs, and a shooting gun within one minute? Will he avoid the groin shot during sports play with his sons? Will he be able to avoid the pitfalls of the stomach flu, chicken pocks, and the ever expanding spare tire?
What do you think? Can I make a million bucks?



  1. I haven't played a video game in ages. I'd line up at midnight at the store to get this one. When is it coming out? Christmas?

  2. Well I know reality TV is big is now, The Sims is a fun game because you make not "real" but... what you describe is too real. Yes too real. People want "entertainment" real not really real.
    Ya know?

  3. Anonymous11:44 AM

    you might make a million bucks playing the lottery too

  4. LOL!

    I don't even know what a harpy is, so I can't give you an opposite for it. :)

  5. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Put in some kid're like, so THERE. And to think I 'know' you!! Oh the chills. BAm!!!!

  6. So does top score mean he gets to go to college for free, cause that would go well in my book.

  7. Well, it has to include violence like all of the top games today. Even Mario kills Goombas by jumping on them. Find a violent angle and you're golden. Oh, and don't bother releasing it on any format other than PS2 or the Wii. Otherwise, it won't sell many copies.


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