Found this...



  1. 1. An Oscar Mayer weiner. Cause all the world would be in love with me!

    2. A chimpanzee.

    3. A broom

    4. Paris Hilton. Hard.

    5. I did. You didn't ask me to, but I did.

    What a wonderful find! 1988, eh?

  2. You mean you lost this book when I was in the second grade?! So many over due fees!

    1. Rice, Frisco style
    2. A "the Cheat" (see
    3. A video game system, duh
    4. Alec Baldwin or Adam Sandler, maybe the person who sings the Rice-A-Roni jingle, anyone who has ever put on a Barney costume
    5. No

  3. lol..ok gotta get back to ya on these!..heh

  4. 1. I would be some kind of fruit tree, because if I was just some piece of food I might not last very long.
    2. One that hibernates through the winter.
    3. Hmmm. The useful kind.
    4. Although many famous people bring out feelings of annoyance, I have come to realize that they are just people, and I somewhat pity them. Maybe just a high five, but then I would have to think of a famous person I respected enough to give a high five to. Too hard.
    5. No, I already did that!

  5. 1. Flaming cherries jubilee (loving and living life to the fullest)
    2. An eagle (with my hope in the Lord)
    3. A bed (providing rest and recovery for loved ones)
    4. Alec Baldwin (do you think he'd leave the country finally, like he promised in 2004?)
    5. I can't resist.

    Oh, and sorry, but you're tagged.

  6. Oh wow! I inspired a post! I feel so flattered....thank you, DA!

    Okay, here are my answers:

    1. Cake. Because it's sweet and almost everyone loves it.

    2. I think I'd be a dog. They love to be loved and give love, are loyal, and they pretty much get to sleep, play and eat all day.

    3. I'd be an oven. Because it's the heart of the kitchen and good things come out of it (usually, lol)

    4. Either Tori Spelling or Angelina Jolie, for being husband-stealing whores.

    5. Nah...I'm not into that sort of thing. :)


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