Birthday Blues

When I was in grade school we watched this movie about a little old lady who invited all the children in the neighborhood to a party. But the children didn't know her, thought she was scary looking, spread the word, and no one went to her party. She had it all set up so beautiful. Her best tea set. Pretty streamers. Cakes and punch and treats. This movie ruined me for life. I always feel like that little old lady, peeking though her lace curtains, heartbroken that no one came to her party.
So, the reason this is such an expensive endeavor is that I have hired a Mad Scientist to come for the boys. This was a much begged for event. (Oldest son has been asking to have a Mad Science birthday for the last two years.) He convinced Keegan this would be a ton a fun, so I cut a deal with them, and the party is actually for my two oldest. It will be fun. There will be joy and laugher. Or else I am going to kill somebody.
Just hiring someone is not enough. The Mad Scientist will entertain for about an hour and a half, but I still have the cake and goodies to prepare. Some dumb mother also came up with the idea of doing a soda geyser experiment. Who was that woman and why did she, in a moment of huge stupidity, google soda geyser videos and show them to my sons for inspiration?
But I am not going to shell out $4.95 per child for goodie bags! I will not feel guilty for not sending home goodie bags even if my children have attended other parties where they always get said goody bag. I will not be guilty!



  1. I know that I'm a couple of weeks younger than you (*cough*cough*), but I also was shown that video during my school years. I remember feeling deep sorrow over that. I always tried hard to be extra nice to older people after that. I still have a soft spot for senior citizens because of it.

    The biggest thing that ever happened for my birthday party is that my mom hired a locally reknowned magician named Rick Rodgers. He entertained for a little over 30 minutes, signed posters, then left. My dad still has his. It reads "To my best friend Larry, who taught me everything I've ever known about magic. Sincerely, Rick Rodgers." My dad is a total ham.

    My point: You're an awesome mom for even having the Mad Science party. It's more than I ever got. If the parents or the kids feel skunked, let 'em. They need an attitude adjustment. They should not spurn generosity of any kind.

  2. So... What are you putting in the goody bags? TeeHee

  3. It's gonna be FUN. They don't care about goodie bags, it's exploding Coke and Mentos we are excited over.

  4. They're getting a Mad Scientist and a soda geyser, they won't care if they don't get goodie bags.

    Sounds like it's going to be a great party! Just don't stress yourself out too much.

  5. Anonymous8:04 PM

    the fact you are going to hurt someone if there is no joy and laughter in and of itself is worth this endeavor

    i'm so excited to hear how it went

  6. Wow...we haven't tried the Mad Scientist Party yet. I look forward to hearing the details...
    Mentos are on sale for cheap at Rite Aid this week, send those in the goody bag and all the parents will curse you when their kids come home and explode soda all over the house!

  7. Ahhh...the things we'll do for our children! I had about a dozen reptiles in my garage for one of Matthew's parties. It was pretty cool but very expensive!

  8. I think I missed something. Exploding coke and mentos? "the fresh maker?"


    That will be some party.

    The film you saw as a child though is what stuck with me. Sounds like Miss Spider's Tea Party!

  9. first here is the web address for the other blog of mine;

    it has the blog about keegan. stop by and have a read and if you think it's worth it then tell your other blogger friends to have a look.

    i confess i have never seen that film, i wonder what the perpose of such a film would be? to depress everyone? anyways, you are an awesome think i just say that cause i'm your hubby, but look at all the affirmayions that i am getting from everyone else. the children loved the party. i will say no more as i think it would be best for you tp blog about it.

  10. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Does this look

  11. Sounds like a fun party! Who cares about the goodie bags when you're doing stuff like that? How'd it go?

  12. noooooo Goody Bags!


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