Big doin's goin on.

I might get around to being interesting later, but right now, I am all about cleaning my house. Big Birthday party weekend comin' up over here folks. And why do I do this? Cause they won't love me if I don't spend too much money on them. That must be why...




  1. Well, if you spend money on them, it must mean that you love them. At least, that's what society says. And aren't they always right?

  2. Sure they will love you! You just have to make it SEEM like you spent a lot of money on them...
    except to be kids don't care about how much money we spend on them. Somehow its me that pays attention to that and not them. They are thrilled to get my time more than anything else. I told them they could choose between one expensive gift, several smaller gifts, or a couple of small gifts and a family activity, and they chose that last option. Nothing beats family time.

  3. Snicker.

    Have a lovely party! Eat cake for me!

  4. wish that would rub off on me!

  5. I hear ya. Have fun with that.

    BTW, I did answer your "what's a peanut patty?" on my blog a few posts ago if you really did want to know.


  6. Anonymous6:54 AM

    yes....must spend money for love! just kidding

  7. sorry dear wife that i haven't been as much help as i could about with the b-day prep. i will try much harder.

    also, just a short note-a.o.l. has a short article about the new immigration "reform" bill. you know, the amnesty bill for illegal aliens, the one that would allow a fast track to citizenship for illegal aliens-includung those like the terrorists in new jersey that were here illegally (some were but not all). anyways, i did not read much of the article because it was pretty much garbage as were the pictures of the"illegal alien" protestors (hmmm, how long do you think they'll keep themselves draped in american flags once they manage to steal their citizenship? NOT) anyways, a.o.l. also has a poll about whether people approve of giving "z visas" (amnesty) to illegal aliens at present the poll was running at 70% NO. i would encourage everyone to stop by and vote "NO" so we can increase that percentage as much as possible. also, stop by so you can get information on how to call or e-mail republicans to let them know you don't want that bill passed.


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