The day after the day after

Yesterday after church I had some time to myself. (Okay, I had to teach, but my kids and White Knight stayed home to play and so after church I could do whatever I wanted. By myself and everything.) I usually end up at one of three places during my ALONE time. The book store, Target, or the movie theater. I entered the book store armed with gift cards stolen from the White Knight. (He can actually carry around a gift card for the book store for 6 months. Is it willpower, or forgetfulness? I just can't figure it out. But the longer he keeps them the more I want them.) I browsed the books, made a list of ones I want, and perused the gift area. The wall of leather bound journals, the shelves of creative cards, feather topped ink pens, clever little book lights...tension eased out of me. It was almost as good as an alter call.
I don't know why I get so stressed out and worked up about birthday parties. It is painfully important to me that the day is special and memorable. For everyone. I have explained to the older boys that we cannot continue to have costly extravaganza's for every birthday, yet I think they have figured out that I want them to be happy and can therefore be manipulated.
The party started with a Mad Scientist Crazy Hair Contest. I bought purple, blue, and sparkle hair spray paint for my kids. We soon realized that the Mad Scientist was going to arrive late due to direction problems, so we decided to do the diet-Coke and Mentos mint experiment. I explained to my sons what a sacrifice it was to waste Mommy's favorite soda all over the back yard. "Yeah Mom, but we are worth it." was the response. The soda geyser was over seven feet tall and earned lots of OOOH's. I highly recommend it for the parent who wants to be cool and impress all their kids seven and eight year old friends.
The Mad Scientist, a woman with long red hair and funky glasses who called her self Secret Agent-Something-Red arrived and took about fifteen minutes to set up all her goodies. She had wind tornadoes and water funnels, melting polymers and a boiled egg trick.
She managed to entertain ages four through ten for more than an hour, so I am impressed. It was worth the cost.All and all, we lived though the weekend, everyone was happy, I didn't have to chain any one up and put them in the closet, and now I never have to do it again. Right?




  1. I'd certainly hope so. I'd invest in a nice shotgun for insurance, though.

    Nice to have some time by yourself. I hope you enjoyed it lots.

    Well, time to go put that junk in my eyes again...=_=

  2. What! No goody bags? TeeHee

    Glad you got a lil alone time. Sounds lovely to me!

  3. Never do it again? I thought you were going to have to outdo the previous year's party every year until you end up on a birthday trip to Disneyland with a private party with all your favorite characters included.

  4. That sounds like so much fun! Makes me wish I was 7 again!

  5. I get stressed out and worked up about birthday parties too. Are you a perfectionist? I'm wondering if that's part of it, or if maybe I've just conditioned myself to be stressed out about anything that requires cleaning, planning, or dressing children.

  6. Right. Never again! All you have to do is declare a NO BIRTHDAY law!

    I think I want to do that too. We have one coming up in about 3 weeks. Now would be the perfect time for me to declare the NO BIRTHDAY law, before she starts really thinking this whole birthday thing. lol.

    Sounds like ya'll had a lot of fun.


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