I never did find my car keys.

It was such a big deal to us, not to have the keys to the family van. My husband works as a teacher for the church affiliated school. He asked people to pray. Soon, nearly a hundred people knew that I, woman with half a brain, had lost the car keys somewhere between the house and the mail box. The Pastor of our large church even used it to intro his sermon.

So now over a thousand people know that I am a certified ding-bat.

It is okay, however. Only good can come when that many people are praying for you.




  1. Anonymous3:16 AM

    (chuckle!) You poor thing! I've been there and done that on numerous occasions, though not quite with the legion of help you received! I was an inspiration for a sermon, though (blush..)...many moons ago. Can't even remember what for!! Just when the elder (stepping in for the pastor) USED my name, looked at me (did I sink down?) and smiled...it was quite embarrassing!! Too funny. I have linked you ;).

  2. Ever think of asking the Wizard of Oz? He helped the Scarecrow and he didn't even have half a brain!

    (Praying you find them!)

  3. When you stop looking they will turn up...I hope it wasn't your only set of keys.

  4. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Hey, what's a couple hundred dollars to grind a new key?

    I'm sure you will find your keys in the hall bookshelf or in the basket of an unsuspecting boy's bicycle?

    When are you coming over again? (yes, it's me)

  5. Heart...When I update my links (my friend usually does it for me,) I will be sure to add you and The Woman, if she hasn't changed her site again by then!

    Heffalump...yep, it was the only set. Looked for two weeks before giving up and towing the car to reprogram and make a new set.

  6. Cheeper Lady...

    We will visit again at the most inopportune moment for you and yours, I am sure! Timing is everything.

  7. Don't feel bad, poppins. The most I've ever inspired anyone over me in spiritual authority to was a spanking.

    I always thought that saying was so dumb "It's always in the last place you look." "Well, I found it in the second place I looked, but I thought, 'What the h, I ain't got nuthin better to do!' so I just kept on lookin for a few more hours."

  8. You'll probably find them when you clean out the fridge...
    (p.s. We dingbats need all the prayers we can get. hee hee)


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