Medicate it.

We were in the car yesterday and Oldest Son said, "Y'know, you have 1000 taste buds on your tongue when you are born."

To which Number Two Son said, "Taste butts? What are taste butts?"

Even in my allergy induced coma I thought it was funny. You see, I am one of those people, if I don't feel well, I medicate. Immediately.

I know people who say, "Your just covering up the symptom. Your not healing anything by taking those pills you know."

Yeah. So. What's your point?

There are hundreds of products on the market to numb, deaden, cover, conceal, and help me sleep through allergies, colds, the flu, and pain. None of them work very well, but they each help a little. It is just a matter of finding the perfect combination. Right? I should be in a Niquil commercial as I fully support their product. And Benadryl. The wonder drug.

Things the Doctor told me to take Benadryl.l for:
When I was pregnant and couldn't sleep.
When I was pregnant and itched all over.
For the itching under my daughter's full leg cast.
For the swelling of my daughters foot when she broke her leg.
For the reaction to the penicillin my son is slightly allergic to.
For long distance plane rides.

When I was a toddler they didn't have Benadryl. So the when my own mother voiced concerns regarding difficulty getting her children to sleep, he suggested a tablespoon of brandy at bed time.

My Doctor never said anything about brandy. Hummmm. I wonder if it would still work on me?

Now, since it is obvious I am a wimp who hates even the idea of pain and discomfort you would think I took the pain medication route when bringing my children into the world. Really, how do you think I handled that pain? In honor of upcoming Mother's Day, (and that new show Notes from the Underbelly that I haven't watched but I think is a funny idea) and just because I can, be prepared to suffer the four unique stories of my children's birth.

Unless you have something better for me to blog about?



  1. OH, I can't wait! I LOVE birth stories. :-)

  2. Birth Stories are always fun to hear. So feel free!

  3. Waiting! LOVE birth stories!

    I watched Notes from the Underbelly. It was funny. Not the laugh out loud kind of funny. More like quiet snicker funny.

  4. As a guy, and you not being my mother, I'm somewhat morbidly curious and am not completely disgusted at the thought. You're always funny.

    My old family Dr. that I had growing up (sweet and kindly Dr. Endicott) recommended a shot of brandy for my older brother when he was a fussy baby with a severe sore throat that kept him (and my mom) from sleeping. He recommended adding it to warm milk. Nyquil is over 20% alcohol. That makes it over 40 proof. They toss in a little decongestant and something to make it taste nasty and, Voila!, you now have brandy that is sold over the counter as medicine.

    When I can't sleep, I prescribe myself a beer (I don't really care for hard alcohol). If that doesn't work, I prescribe myself a shot of rum (at least it's literally made from sugar). I've never had to go past that, but I could also sleep standing up. I choose more natural means to medicate myself. It's funny how Christians don't care if they see someone taking Nyquil or benadryl, but they care if they have a beer. What's up with that? Beer is made by natural forces put in place by God which have an outcome that is intended to be enjoyed by man (which is biblical to believe). These pharmeceuticals are made in labs by forcing elements to do different things nature would never allow them to do otherwise. They develop dependence (though not everyone becomes dependent) in the user and create potential for abuse. Yet, I rarely hear a sermon that includes a caution on abusing these things.

    That isn't to say that I don't keep a bottle of benadryl myself. I also have Dayquil and generic Claratin. They are blessings from God during allergy season. My wife wouldn't be able to survive without them.

    PS My word verification is "askedp." Asked poppins?


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