Dead Computer

My computer isn't working. I lost my car keys.

We did get new cell phones--went with T-mobile.

We are getting a big tax return. Thats nice.

Most of it will be spent getting new car keys, paying debts and ofcourse, a new computer.

I am blogging from the local library. I hope everyone is okay. When I return to blogging will I still have an audience to laugh with me?

Is God trying to get my attention? Seriously. I used to spend hours on the compter and actually go places in the car. If the Lord gives you a word for me email it to me. I may get it in a couple weeks after we get that big tax return. If He is saying something I want to understand it before anything else breaks or is lost.

Happy Easter!



  1. I am still here to laugh with you! I am sorry about your computer woes. Isn't it great that you can at least go to the Library and check your email? I look forward to your return to the world of blogdom.

  2. Have a blessed Easter! *Hugs*

  3. Anonymous10:25 AM

    well, how about this word...


  4. I'll still be here!
    We got a new computer with tax return, too.
    I hope you have a great Easter!

  5. That reminds me of an old joke:

    A pastor had a son who had turned 16. He told the boy, "You are not going to get your drivers license until you get your hair cut. You look like a hippy."

    The son worked hard over the next few months. He got straight A's in school. He studied his Bible intensely. He even made prayer meetings and increased his ministry commitments at church. All of this and his father still would not give him permission to get his driver's license.

    He finally laid it out to his dad, "Pop, I don't understand. I've worked really hard to please you, and I've done pretty much everything else you could possibly want."
    "That's quite true," said the pastor.
    "Besides, Dad, Moses had long hair. Sampson had long hair. Elijah had long hair. Heck, even Jesus had long hair," said the exasperated son.
    So replied the pastor, "And they walked everywhere they went."

    So, the best I can make out from that is that you're either supposed to cut your hair...or take a Nazarite vow. And send money to my favorite charity "Pistols for Pandas". Those little guys need all the protection that they can get.

    God does funny things to us to teach us patience. He's put me in a real pickle lately, with family and work. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Pray that God will give you the patience to succeed the first time in the trials He puts before you, and that you'll draw on His strength for it. Always remember your status before Him because of His gift to us, and that you are a new creation because of it. Those words are my prayer for you.

  6. Good luck with your computer. When the net goes down, I feel lost and adrift.

    Have a blessed Easter.

  7. Oh no! Life without a computer to access the outside world seems a bit scary to me! But maybe that's because I'm too addicted to blogging.

    I hope you get your new computer soon. And your new car keys too. Those are important too.

  8. Blessed Easter!

    (An "old" new friend)


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