Spring Break

When you have been married a while it puts things into perspective regarding what is embarrasing and what isn't. Consider this note I got in my email:

Always wear clean underwear in public, especially when working under your vehicle... From the Northwest Florida Daily News comes this story of a Crestview couple who drove their car to Wal-Mart, only to have their car break down inthe parking lot. The man told his wife to carry on with the shopping while he fixed the car in the lot. The wife returned later to see a small group of people near the car. On closer inspection, she saw a pair of male legs protruding from under the chassis. Although the man was in shorts, his lack of underpants turned private parts into glaringly public ones. Unable to stand the embarrassment, she dutifully stepped forward, quickly put her hand UP his shorts, and tucked everything back into place. On regaining her feet, she looked across the hood and found herself staring at her husband who was standing idly by. The mechanic, however, had to have three stitches in his forehead.

...and did you laugh? I did.

I am going to be taking a blog break to catch up on my scrapbooks and maybe some spring cleaning. That is pretty much the only hobby thing I do, other than writing and blogging and reading and potty training and Church and being a full time taxi and grocery store stalker. Yes, I live a complete life. Aren't you jealous? I never really intended to be a scrapbooker. Blame it all on boring baby books that all look the same. And then have more than 1.2 children, and a need to bring the same devotion to each child's book that I brought to the first one.

My older brother had two baby books. I only had one. I will never forget or forgive my mother for this. It scarred me for life...so I don't scar my own children I must take time to work on their books. So no blog, and no comments for maybe two weeks. Maybe. You'll know I am back in the blog of things when I come around and comment and pretend to be Mrs. Smarty-Poppins and generally putting my foot in my mouth every chance I get.

So, talk to you after that Irish Holiday green shamrock day...! Oh, wait, is it still called St. Patricks day?



  1. Enjoy your break! *Smile*

    Yes, I laughed! Hard! :o)

  2. Well, just don't be gone soooo long that you lose your "blog legs" ;) I hear you about the baby book thing. Between my brothers and I, I think we all have somewhat incomplete ones. You may be a "Smarty-Poppins," but you definitely love your kids. Can't fault you for that. Take your time. We'll still be here when you get back.

  3. St. Patrick's Day is out...

    Wear green and pretend to be Irish day....which actually isn't a stretch for me..hehe.

    Yes, I DID laugh, too.

  4. I laughed, too!

    Have fun working on your scrapbooks!

  5. When you get back...


  6. *snort*

    I've read that one before, but it gets me every time. lol

  7. OMG! LOL! How embarrassing for all involved! Uhmmm... like let me go tuck in your fellas for you!

    Oh I'm SOOO behind on the scrapbooks too. I really need to focus and accomplish something! Have a nice break.

  8. Anonymous5:51 AM

    just a quick vote for anyone who happens to read this comment. how about a proverbial show of hands for those who think dapoppins should write some kind of book and get it published. anyways, i think that your scrapbooking need not only have to do with your desire to show love to your children but also your need to find some means of creative expression.

  9. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  10. I laughed! I need to be like you and take a break as well. I have only done my son's scrapbook - he's 7.5

    I haven't done anything for my daughter and she'll be 5 this summer. I'm pitiful!

    I'm the oldest of three. My sister's baby book (the youngest) consists of a few scribbles on notebook paper tucked inside MY baby book.

  11. Hey all!~

    Well, I have three pages finished, and many more to go. All my supplies are spread all over the floor of the bedroom, much to the delight of my hubby (Tresspassers)

    I miss you guys, but I am going to force myself to do more! Must catch up!

    I promise to visit everyone soon. Can't wait to see what exciting thoughts and adventures you are having without me.

  12. Anonymous12:02 PM

    i look forward to when you return to blogging so i can visit you site again. by the way, did you know you are listed on google? yup just go to google and type in your blog address...you know...(name).blogspot.com and just watch what happens. you're famous!! :)

  13. Anonymous3:48 AM

    well, dad gum it...I'll miss you, hurry

    nice story!

  14. Hello (ello)(ello(o)...Hey! I can hear my echo! (echo)(echo)(o) My name is Ed! (ed)(ed)(ed) Dirty underwear! (underwear)(underwear)(derwear)(wear)

    Hurry back.


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