100 days of Creativity : starting the #100dayproject journey.

My strategy to complete the #100dayproject 


 to just do it.  

I'm already behind.

I have a hundred great excuses.

I have a hundred great excuses about a lot of things.

I'm working in several journals for the #100dayproject and just keeping it really general.  #100daysofcreativity 

 There is one handmade, rough and junky journal, and two canvas journals.  At the end of #100daysofcreativity I hope to have a finished journal I can submit to Stampinton magazine.  And it would be great to have a junk journal I could submit to Canvas Corp Brands Creative Studio.  

My daily goal is 15 minutes of creativity everyday.  But really I want more.  I'd rather have something like 2 hours of creativity, plus some other getting-it-done type stuff.  But I figure if I keep the goal small that I will be able to accomplish the biggest part of the whole project. 

What's the biggest part?

Doing it every day. 

I mentioned this in my first post HERE.  I have a lot of trouble trying to build healthy everyday habits.  Am I the only middle aged (almost 50) year old woman who loses momentum, gets stuck, and feels like they are constantly starting over?

Is it my personality type?

How do I become the person, the creative, the adult I want to be?

Two months ago my mind was in this fantastic space of moving forward, excitement, and hunger.  And then, I'm not sure what happened, but now I can barley pick myself up everyday and get out of bed.  This is a repetitive cycle that happens every freakin' year and I am so darn tired of it.  I want more out of life.

It takes 100 days to change brain patterns.  

Here's hoping.

#100daysofcreativity #15minuteartjournal 



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