Taking Part In The 100 Days Project 2019

photo by Nancy Gaines

A Hundred Days Of Creativity 

If you are a creative and follow other artsy, creative types over on the Instagram you have probably heard of the #100dayProject.  I didn't really know about it until two years ago when I saw posts from Rae Missingman and discovered all the cool kids were doing it.  I've attempted this challenge once or twice and managed 10 days of consistently doing some creative thing. Maybe drawing faces? I can't remember now.

People.  If you have trouble, like me, doing positive things on a daily basis, like me, then trying to do something for a #100days in a row is really, really hard.  

I can tell you on two hands all the things I do consistently and I don't think a one of them is really healthy. Things like coffee first thing in the morning, eating sugar everyday, getting on Facebook or Instagram, procrastinating, laying in bed day dreaming,  - ya' get the picture?  Healthy habits are really hard for me, even if they are creative habits that I love.

I've been thinking about tackling this year's challenge because this year is a pivotal birthday year for me.  One of those birthday years where you take stock, look at where you have been, where you are going and either get really depressed about it, ( like I did the year I turned 30) or really excited about it because of all the potential, (like the year I turned 40.)  And I have come to the conclusion that a lack of healthy habits, even fun, art play habits, is one of the biggest things holding me back from accomplishing stuff and moving forward.

I've been thinking.  Are there books or programs for people like me? Are there other's like me?  People growing older who feel like they have spent most of their lives treading water, day dreaming, drinking coffee and eating too much sugar and just not getting it done?  People who feel like their feet are often stuck in concrete while their heads are stuck in clouds.  Sometimes it's storm clouds, complete with lightning.  Sometimes it's the beautiful clouds of dawn or dusk.  And sometimes it's just all, "Meh."  But still...The feet are stuck and not much is happening in the moving forward and accomplishing things, achieving things, finding life significance things.

When I was a wee-little-angel with brunette curly locks, dark, dark eyes and a rosebud smile I had great big dreams of  being  professional artist, a writer, an actress, a public speaker, or a lady preacher.  And I am none of those things.  Yes I do those things, occasionally.  But not professionally.  Not in a way that the dream to do them is feels significantly fulfilled.

And, honestly, I have another desire.  To have a deep, interactive, real relationship with Jesus, The Son of God, a relationship that is so evident other people see it without me ever saying a word,  so evident the Bible verses about this kind of closeness with Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit are fulfilled in my life on the daily basis.  I want more Jesus in my life.

 I want to find significance by knowing that I am doing what I was created to do to the full extent of that quiet promise of life gifted me at my conception.  

Basically.  I know there is more in this life.  More I haven't tasted or touched.  More to do.  More to walk out.

But my feet are in concrete.  

Photo by Nick Miller on Unsplash

I feel like there are a lot of motivational resources out there for the young and for the fearful.  But are there resources for the older and the lazy?  There are some great coaching things...but let's be honest.  My life of treading water and concrete sneakers has not really set me up financially so that I can pay $500-$1000 for coaching that may not actually do a darn thing.

So where does that leave me?

I have to do the one thing that won't cost me anything. In the end, the thing I lack most will only come by doing.

Self management and self discipline must be lived out.  No book or program or emotional epiphany is gonna make it happen like the daily doing.

I have to learn to be consistent.

Which, brings me back to the #100dayproject

100 days is the actual amount of time it takes to change brain patterns and establish a healthy pattern...a healthy habit.

So I am gonna try.  I might fail.  There is a good chance of failure.  But who care's?

Trying anyway.

Join me?



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