New Dapoppins Stickers

New Dapoppins Stickers

Sold out

Your response has been incredible and this batch is totally sold out. Oh Wow. I am seriously touched and humbled. It was just a trial run and not a very big batch, but wow. In one day all the stickers I had were sold out. You guys rock. I have ordered more but they wont be available for another two weeks.

I am exploring new ways to share my art with you. It's not like peeps are knocking down my door to break into my art space, demanding my little baldies and bunnies and umbrella themed stuff of course. At least not yet! But I have had requests for illustrated books, cards, and prints and I'd like to be able to get that into your hands. A Redbubble or Zazzle (or both) store opening is on the horizon. If I can make a little money to support the art habit obsession, that would be make everybody in my home happy too. They have this weird impression that I'd rather buy paint than dinner. They might not be wrong.

This little sale gave me a chance to see who might be interested in my stickers, what the costs are to send them, how to handle the taxes, fees, and other important stuff.

I've already found some expenses that didn't even occur to me and realized I forgot to factor in my time as part of the sicker price. I learned a lot, because I learn by doing, not by reading and researching. Now I have a better idea how to go forward. Also, these great little stickers were printed out of house by, who I love, (I've even ordered more,) but their options are quite limited. Going forward, I'll be looking for flat, slightly textured papers so that the stickers can be altered as needed for your art journals.

Thanks again for all the love and encouragement you showed me, for those who kindly let me know about my typos (which will be a constant theme going forward, I predict) and for showing your love by willing to buy my stuff.

Watch this space for more stickers and stuff to come!

- Dapoppins



  1. Yeah! My stickers came today. One happy old lady! I love the envelope. Please do more. Thanks! Anna Maria

  2. I know I v'e said it more than a few times. But it's so worth saying it again!.... I am soooo looking forward to buying your stickers! I don't want to miss out next time! ...xox... Melissa


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