Evaluating my artsy Staycation- Do I have what it takes to become a work from home artist?

In September I set aside 10 days to stay home and art.  After working extra shifts at my job  while other's went on vacation to travel across the country or take a cruise, I took some time off to just stay home and play in my newly organized art space. And now my staycation is over. In fact I began this this blog post using my phone while on break at work. I need staycation closure. I gotta put the period on this thing.

I managed to accomplish a few things:

I held a journal giveway on my youtube channel. And I'm now (fianlly) past the 500 subscribers mark.  Thanks everyone! 

I live vlogged and opened a box from Canvas Corp Brands. 

I shared the progress on my new Joy book. I thought I would sell this one. 
The last book I made was the same concept, but different format.  You can see it HERE.

I made homemade apple pie with my daughter. 

I finished illustrating my first book. 

What I didn't finish:

There are a few things I didn’t finish that I’m going to be in a frenzy to work on in my off hours the next couple of weeks. I have two paintings that I have been dragging my feet on, waiting for inspiration and a sudden flood of talent to create work that I'm satisfied with.  I have some other projects that I've started and only half finished, such as a new rustic nature book.  It's just sitting on the shelf calling my name.  I had time to complete them over my ten days at home, but unfortunately I let that time slip away doing less important tasks. 

What I should have done:

•Make a daily list and stick to it.
•Check the list at the end of the day to prepare for the next day.

I’m a terrible self manager. I had a couple of very productive days but I have a feeling I would have had more if I had required myself to be more organized and more prepared by sticking to some lists and a little restrained bullet journaling. 

•Make a plan.  
• Factor in rewards.  
•Factor in social time. 
•Force myself to follow the plan. 

I don’t like structure. But as I learned by not making written out lists and only following a loose one in my head, structure would help me, not hinder me. I had lots of things I wanted to do for my Staycation, but because I didn’t plan my time, I barely got half of those things done.  

Factoring in rewards, such as nap time or Netflix time ( I watched every season of Britain’s Best Baker) and putting a time limit on those rewards, might just help me accomplish more.  

I did not do any in-person social activities on my Staycation which I should have forced myself to do at least twice. I love staying home, but weirdly, too much at home can work against me. I need social time for motivation. 

My artsy stay staycation was really a trial run of my next life goal - work from home.

Can I be productive? 

Can I sustain productivity? 

I did okay in spite of distractions like becoming overheated (no air conditioning in the new art space) and having a house full of people who should have been in school or at work.   (My school district was on strike,)  but I need to do better.  

What's next?

  • Watch this space for my red bubble store opening. A couple of very kind people have asked if they could purchase my bunnies or little baldies.  Using this online store, you will be able to buy stationary, notebooks, prints and decal like stickers. 
  • I’m looking for inexpensive ways to print my newly finished story. But I will also be making unique, touchable, quiet book style, story books with the illustrations.  Each will be a special book of fun and available for purchase.  
  • I’ve written two other kid stories this  plans for more. Watch my blog for an online reading. You guys are my beta listeners and your feed back will help me improve the work for possible publication. 
  • A new steampunk project.  I'm gathering supplies to make a s "set" of wonderfully geared up, aged, and themed, steampunk goodness. This will include a handmade journal/book, a box for the book, a mask, and a special "charging" and storage unit for the mask. 
  • I'll be involved in a new gratitude project over on instagram too.  

So much to do.  So little time.  I need another staycation!

❤️ I take commissions, love your questions, and want to interact with you.  You can comment here or email me:  Dapoppins@gmail.com

Be blessed my friends,



  1. Hi, Dana! What a great post! Your staycatiom sounds like it was amazing. And your art area is gorgeous! That top photo is one of my faves, it looks like a magazine cover!!! Keep up the great work! ❤❤❤

  2. Hi, Dana! What a great post! Your staycatiom sounds like it was amazing. And your art area is gorgeous! That top photo is one of my faves, it looks like a magazine cover!!! Keep up the great work! ❤❤❤


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