Spark Your Creativity Using the Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Kit Challenge 2

The Kraaft Shaak design team was challenged to make something WEARABLE, incorporating supplies from the Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Kits gifted to design team members.

Hooo Boy.  Wearable.  Wear-Able. 

First I was gonna make a broach.  

Ahhh.  Nope.  Maybe not.
Then I was gonna make a lacy wristlet.  
Yeah.  About that.  Not So Much. 

I'm not one of those people who struggles with a blank page, with a lack of ideas.  Not right now, anyway.  I have so many ideas that I sometimes get a leetle lost.  

Okay.  Just between you and me.  How many of ya'all got a few projects that you bought the stuff for (on sale) but you either didn't get started, or your only got the first part started before something else came up.  

Raise your hand.  That's right, I see you. See, we are sisters!  

So I had an idea to take something I was gonna start, but hadn't gotten very far, and use that for this Wearable.  (Wearable!  Did you see what Sandra and Shel made?  Click their names  and prepare to be blown away.) 

And then I didn't like it.  

And then I started something else....I really loved the way Shel and Sandra used their paper in their projects. But that wasn't going right. 

And then I went back to the first thing. And I still didn't like it.  But I kept working it, and now I like it a lot. 

And I can wear it too!    

I focused on using the fantastic  Finnibiar Mechanicals from my Mixed Media Kit from the Kraaft Shaak, and some things from my stash.  If you have any questions about what I did or how, please let me know in the comments!  I love to answer questions and I am way to lazy to list everything out!  

Mixed Media Kit #KSDT2015

{Shameless plug that I am not paid for}

I am loving things like micro beads, glitter, pastes, and glass beads right now.  I love seeing all the different ways I can use them.  I used up all my violet micro-beads, extra fine glitter Art Sugar, and chunky glitter in my from the kit in my first challenge, I love them so much. There is enough for one or several projects in the KIT - The fun part is choosing when, where and HOW to use them. 

These gold micro beads are from my stash, but one of the awesome things about the Mixed Media Kit from the Kraaft Shaak is that you get a selection of supplies to try out- so if you have never used them in your art, crafting, scrapbooking or card making, NOW you can give a them a try. 

Mixed Media

Mixed Media

I also used the last of the Art Ingredients Glass Beads in Butter from my kit behind the bezel setting too, for even more texture.  These beads are so fun and I'm can't resist them.  (Ummmm.  Butter)

Mixed Media #KSDT2015

Thanks for visiting me for this 

Spark of Kreativity.

I didn't do anything super fabulous here.  This is a project you could do.  It doesn't require a lot of special tools, or supplies, no exact cutting, and I only measured one time.  And even then it was just "ish" measuring. 

With your own mixed media kit. 

Just come back and let me know what you make.  I can't wait to see it!

Mixed Media #KSDT2015



  1. Well now, can I say one of a kind piece! I really love this!

  2. Wow!! This is truly a gorgeous piece of jewelry! You knocked it out of the ballpark with your imagination, creativity and craftmanship!! Stunning, my friend!

    And your photography is getting so flippin' good! Your composistion and lighting get two thumbs up!! My only question is . . . how come only 5 photos?? I want more!! ♡

  3. Very creative! And you can keep something secret in your locket!

  4. I love the idea of this - a grown up's version of what you made with your daughter and a secret place to hold your treasures close to your heart! I love it!!

  5. Dana, this is just wonderfully've done it again!

  6. Hello sister <3 We're sooo much alike.. have you ever had it so bad that you had to have some special things and ordered them, but once you got them you had already forgotten what you intended them for.. 'cause had started so many other things while waiting those things to arrive... Well I have and that's why some of my friends are joking me living in a craft store... =) But I don't mind, I'll propably find some other use for my things some day anyways =)

  7. Love it! Because I locket is too small let's face it we're hoarders... The more room the better. :)


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