How To Make An Altered Mixed Media Planner Part ONE

  Paper planners are a big deal again.  I've been seeing pics of personalized, stickerized, post-it note peeking planners since the beginning of the year.  I love their bright colors (usually some sort of pastel or rainbow colored, with blasts of gold foil)  and the leather covers, I love all the things people add to them: the multi-colored pens, the Japanese stickers, hedge hog post-it notes.  Whole etsy shops are now devoted to planner stickers, from coffee cups to flip flops.  Several of my favorite scrapbook companies are making planners, and I see new planner kit clubs popping up everyday.  The colors are happy!  The graphics are modern!  They are a little expensive!

I've had a planner before.  In fact, if I look around, I can probably still find two or three of them.  They are pretty useful, because I tend to write with a pen more than I type.

But they don’t really fit my dysfunctional lifestyle very well.  

Some people I've noticed have one planner, but lots of planner girls looking to achieve perfect planner love have two, or six, or more, to fit every plannable function in their lives.  

Yeah.  NOT doing that.  

I want one.  One that I can take with me to my different jobs. One that I don’t need my glasses to write in, where the lines aren't so close together that I use three lines to write two words.   One where I can write goals, ideas, plans for craft projects, blog projects and writing projects.  One that has no wasted pages and has not a single page that says “NOTES.”  

Seriously.  NOTES.  Gah.

I’m not in a history class, this is my life.  I want something that motivates, encourages, dares me to write something important and interesting and NOTES is not it.  

To Alter something  just means to change it from it's original state.  This binder is from Walmart and I altered it big time.  

Mixed media is the use of multiple mediums.  I used lot's of Mod-Podge to glue down different papers.  Papers from the wonderful 7 Gypsies, Gypsy Moments collections, some Canvas Corp Brands tissue paper, sewing pattern tissue papers, and papers from my scrap bag.  I painted it with gesso, Tattered Angels High Impact paints, Glimmer mists, and chalk board paints.  -  This messy style will lend itself to doodling and scribble writing as I sit waiting for the baby to wake up at work.  (as a Nanny I occasionally get to sit during nap time. It is quite pleasant.)

The idea for this planner came from the Canvas Corp Brands Design Team Challenge to “Create an Agenda.”  I’ve seen some really brilliant ones too - which fill me with inspiration.  I will share more photos with you soon as a I continue to work on the Dapoppins LIFE planner.  

Now, I showed you my planner, will you show me yours?  Leave a link in the comments so I can see how you are planning Your life!



  1. Very, very clever, Dana! It's really quite beautiful and and super inspiring!! I can't wait to see what you are "planning" next! What a great idea! ♡

  2. Very, very clever, Dana! It's really quite beautiful and and super inspiring!! I can't wait to see what you are "planning" next! What a great idea! ♡

  3. oh Love seeing your planner....working on mine....woot

  4. Who doesn't like organization? Great planner!


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