Gratitude Journey Day 16

Ladies and girls, females and women, we have a WINNER.


Well, y'all will have to make your own chicken dinner- but we do have a winner.  If you didn't see it announced yesterday over at you should click on over there and see.  I'll wait. 

Are you back yet?  (is this just too silly and cute for words?)  I wanted you to head over there for another reason.  Because Nancy is doing another giveaway.  ANOTHER ONE!  And we are not done yet. NOPE.  Not one bit.  NOT done being generous.  Not done being thankful.  Not done with doodles, art journaling or sharing our hearts.  This is a 21 Day journey and by-golly, we got 21 days of gratitude in us to share with every reader who comments, shares their own words, or says howdy.  

(and yes, I am aware I was being redundant and I just pretty much said the same thing three ways.  I thought I would be extra descriptive and give you more ideas on what to do to win something.)

I belong to a very wonderful g+ community called the Kraafter's Kommunity.  This months challenge to win this really cool canvas art bag is to color something..  As apart of my art journaling I've been doodling and coloring stuff.  If you are looking for a Kraafty Group of Kraafty Individuals, I totally recommend this great group.  We laugh, we share, we post our projects and get immeasurable amounts of encouragement.  If you join them make sure to say Dapoppins sent ya.  Ya'hear?

There are several really great g+ groups and I would totally steer you in the right direction if you asked me.  And no I don't get paid for that.  If you want to pay me that is fine with me.  Just send more craft supplies and gift certificates.  My contact info is on the sidebar.  

Thank you all for your sweet, positive comments.  Your response my post about my Grandma Angel and working to overcome my own fears of rejection have been so beautiful and kind.  You make me feel good about my writing, about my sharing and about the direction I am going.  If you need anyone to cheer you on or want a word of encouragement, or just someone to read your words, feel free to send me an email or fill in that contact gadget on the sidebar.  Seriously.  No one should have to feel alone in this day and age when communicating on the internet is so easy.  

We are also thinking of forming A Gratitude Girls Cheer League group on face book.  (working title.  That may be a bit over-the-top) Invite only.  So if you want an invite you will need to let myself or  +Nancy Gaines know. 

Okay.  Check the blogs on TUESDAY.  More giving away.  More of everything.  Maybe a even Glitter Bomb!

Oh and, what do you think of my doodles? 



  1. Your doodles are amazing and inspirational and yes please invite me to join your new group...:)
    Blessings <3

  2. what wonderful work you do! I have you entered into the Kraafters Challenge - thank you

  3. Aloha! Your doodles are adorabizzle :) I want to be a cheerleader! \0/ Wohooo!!! Let's GO!!!

  4. Your doodles made me smile-always a good thing. I want to reach out and love on the blue bunny!


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