The Nanny Reads - Sleep Like A Tiger - Book Review.

And so, because I get to be "brutally honest," the bedtime story, "Sleep Like A Tiger," written by Mary Logue is written like hundred other going-to-bed books.

I was not impressed with the writing of "Sleep Like A Tiger." 

But as a book of illustrations ....

Cover Sleep Like A Tiger

These are exactly the kind of curious and unpredictable delights that draw my attention and refuse to let go. 

I'm not sure if children appreciate  them as much as I do because, from my perspective, Pamela Zagarenski's art is a view into the dreams of childhood.  

It's a place where children already live- so it's hard, I imagine, to see the wonder of a place when you live there.  

Sleep Like A Tiger

But as an adult turning each page of the book while a little girl who isn't tired gets ready for bed, (again-I've heard this story before) I discover each illustration is filled with details and marvels that make me want to stay and explore this childhood landscape.  

Pamela Zagarenski, Dapoppins Reviews,

I want to play in the silent night,  make friends with foxes and tigers, and sing lullabies to the moon. 

I want these paintings on my walls, where I can imagine my own stories. 

So while I may not find this going to bed story particularly inspired or somthing child will ask for night after night, I wouldn't mind having this book on my shelf just so I could return again a to the land of childhood dreams. 

Have you ever been drawn to a book because of the illustrations? 



  1. I haven't read this book yet, and I'm not sure I will after your honest review, but I agree - the illustrations sure are special!


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