Meeting New People- Blog Hop

 APG Jamie from Purple Door Studio's asked me to join this Blog Hop with a Difference.  It's better then a meme and more fun than a chain letter plus, if someone doesn't follow up on the tag, I can pretty much guarantee nothing bad will happen to them.  

I jumped at the chance because APG Jamie is hilarious, creative, and a just pretty awesome.  (Hope that isn't blowing too much smoke but it's all true.  Everyone who is anyone says so, and I've been following along long enough on her antics to know so,)  With her husband, she's been through thick and thin and still manages to laugh and craft.  That's what I call inspiration.  

By ArtistPoetGirl Jamie
She writes quirky, often moving poetry and has worked in a veritable plethora of arting mediums.  

She also makes laugh out loud art videos on various subjects.  I am pretty sure my favorite is this one:

As much as I'd like to spend the rest of this post laughing along with Jamie, I'm suppose to answer some questions and do some "tagging" of folks and keep the "chain" going.  If you've got the time, follow the links backwards and forwards.  There are lots of interesting, talented creative people in the chain and you might find someone new who inspires you, or just makes you giggle.

1 What am I working on?

I have multiple projects going and not enough time to do them in between work days.  I could absolutely spend my days crafting, reading and writing for the next solid month just getting some of the things done on my to-do list.

2 How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I browse a lot of scrapbook, mixed media, and art journal blogs.  My stuff is different.  It looks so different that I still have trouble believing people like it.  When Craft Warehouse gave me a place on their 2014 design team I kept thinking maybe they emailed me by accident.  I was sure they were going to figure out the mistake when I sent the final paper work, but my name is in the Design Team column on their blog.

Psalm 121, LOOK UP, Faith, Dapoppins

3 Why do I write / create / do what I do?

For too long I could only write one type of story.  I was stuck.  I've had a few life changes in the last couple of years that have sort of broken the mold of the old stuff and given me new freedom. By allowing myself  "off the page" projects, instead of sticking with the family scrapbooking, I've been able to tell more "stories."  I always have believed good writing was like "painting with words," so now I'm creating words with my pictures and telling stories in a different way.

Psalm 121, LOOK UP, Faith, Dapoppins

4 How does my writing / creating process work?

Have you ever heard the writing expression, "Pantser vs Planner?"  When I was writing fiction, I would begin by the seat of my pants and then about ten chapters in, organize the story.  I had the characters first, maybe one scene, and no plot.  This is the same for my art.  I have the idea first, a general direction, and no idea how I am going to get there.  My scrapbook/art stash has gotten pretty big so I try to pull things out I might use ahead of time, but half way through there is always that one product I need but can't find.

So those are my answers.  Hope you enjoyed this.  Please check out some of APGJamies videos and do go visit the next two ladies.

 They are very talented fellow designers I met through Party Time Tuesdays.

Jenn Chchran is owner and operator of Party Time Tuesdays as well as Jax Bean Stalks Paperie, she makes some of the most adorable cards I've ever seen.

The multitalented Cindy Porter blogs at Scrappecindy, and does some truly awesome things with texture on her pages.

Head on over there and see what they are up to and keep the Blog "chain" going.  Cause. Well, you just don't want it to end, do you?



  1. what a wonderful post & yes too much smoke & mirrors . . . meaning you did not spend near enough words on yourself

    Thank you so much for Hoppin along with me & all the folks I look forward to seeing the answers from your Tags



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