The Nanny Reads: A book about a Patient Crocodile and His Prankster Friend.

This is a story that had been waiting for just the right publisher and just the right time to come into being. The illustrations by Giuliano Cucco are bright and interesting, with a genuine nostalgic feel because they were created in the early 1960's. 

Author John Miller creates a story about the friendship of the patient crocodile, Winston and Winston's prankster friend the crocodile bird George. 

Author John Miller doesn't stint on descriptive and fun use of language.

"I...I thought I saw a danger prowling through the jungle," George stammered. "A dangerous danger, a very scary dangerous danger."

With a great read aloud flow and kid friendly topic (preschoolers through second grade  love creatures with sharp teeth!) the story will keep kids interested until the end. 

Sometimes it's hard to have a friend who finds humor at another's expense. Kids who think practical jokes are funny will understand the message and take it to heart without the story seeming preachy or moralistic. The friendship between the two creatures is just endearing enough that I hope there are more Winston And George books to come. 

A good length for bedtime reading, with an great read aloud quality, this is a book I would recommend for the keeper shelf.



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