Mixed Media on Canvas Board with Dapoppins - Adorable Wall Art Made From My Daughter's Drawings

I stepped out of my comfort zone and applied to be apart of a design team for the Party Time Tuesday blog

A design team (if you don't know,) is a group of ladies (and sometimes men) who present project ideas and inspiration.  Sometimes for a specific product, and often just because making art and sharing art is fun.  I never thought in a million years they would except me -I've never done anything like this before and I don't really, have an art focused blog.  

If you don't know what my focus is either, I decided that in 2014 my FOCUS is Storytelling!  

This is my first post as part of the Party Time Tuesday's design team and I thought I'd share with you one of the projects I made with my daughter's help.  This mixed media canvas board is also entered in the Berry 71 Bleu Pattern Palooza challenge.   This is my first challenge ever and there are a lot of great entries.  It's time to put myself out there and see what others think of my personal passions. 

My daughter is ten years old.

She was practically born with a pencil in her hand (and yes, that's really painful.  She had to be delivered by C-Section because pencils are not made for the birth canal!)  I think she's on her way to becoming a wonderful illustrator and comic writer.  Most of her pictures come with a story and her characters have such great expressions you can always tell what they are thinking. Her work is imbued with her quirky sense of life.  The girl just cracks me up. 

Sometimes I ask her for drawings.  Here I asked for a dragon reading a book, and I got dragon's reading cookbooks  and getting ready for dinner.  I should place a coin next to these.  Her ability to draw tiny details blows my mind.  I usually have to get my reading glasses so I can see everything she did.

Needless to say, the girl inspires me.  I asked her if she could draw me some larger animals, so finally, after much coaxing and bribery, she did.  My little angel is going to be wise business woman -already knows the value of her work.

I printed out her drawings and used gel medium to adhere them to thin cardboard, (packaging form
scrapbook embellishments works great.)  The little birds are pre-cut chipboard left over from another project.

I then take the cut out images and use more gel medium to add them to my prepared canvas.

This is not a process I can do in one day or that I really plan out.  I had some idea where I was going, and how I wanted it to look in the end, but to be honest, I'm never sure, or very confident, about where I am going to end up.

I knew there were going to be animals and about the size I wanted.  I use a computer the resize her drawings and usually end up printing multiple images.  To prepare the canvas board, I started with the landscape.  This mix of patterned papers are from Studio Calico and Crate Paper. There are a few other papers in there mixed in from my scrap bag, the tambourine is actually from a 6X6 Basic Gray paper pad.  I just use whatever I think fits.  The clouds are sheet music, I left the sketchy lines because I thought it complimented the child's drawing feeling of the piece.  The sky started out sunset orange, with some Tim Holtz tissue paper, but I changed it to blue with some craft paint, gesso, and an old expired credit card.

I'm still really experimenting with mediums. The outlining is done with a charcoal pencil.  I bought a lot of of the Distress Paints on sale, and have some mixed brand 99 cent craft paint, nothing special, and these are what I am using right now.  I have a supplies wish list a mile long.

Have you ever been inspired by your kids or by a child?  What is something they do that promotes your own sense of creativity?

Thanks for joining me today, and if you have a love of paper crafting check out Party Time Tuesdays for their Tuesday challenges.  It's a great opportunity to share your work and win prizes.

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  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    look at you! you are AMAZING!!!!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your daughter's art and how you are using it in your creations. I often work with my granddaughter on art projects - more hers than mine but it is always fun.

  3. What a gift!
    Much luck in the future to the both of you.

  4. Amazing piece! I'd love to create something like this with my daughter. I love the mix of hand-drawn images and patterned papers. Thanks for joining the Berry71Bleu Challenge! :)

  5. Wow! great illustrations. Your daughter did an amazing job! You did a great job on your project and thank you for sharing it with Berry71bleu.

  6. Beautiful artwork for your daughter! Great patterns and textures! Thank you for playing along with us at Berry71Bleu!

  7. How wonderfully creative and so very special!! I love this! Your daughter has an Art career ahead of her!!

  8. I absolutely loved this canvas! What a wonderful way to showcase your daughter's artistic talent...and talent she definitely has. Those characters are adorable...I see how the creative gene flows in your family! Excellent take on the challenge & thanks for sharing your talent with us at Berry71Bleu!

  9. Wow I love it, you're so very crafty!

  10. Love the drawings you incorporated into your canvas, what a great memory to have! Great project! So glad you joined us at Berry71Bleu.

  11. It is so lovely Dana!

  12. Your daughter is very talented! It must be genetic!


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