Sudden unexplained hair loss or Alien DNA testing?

I've always had thick hair.  Thick in number, and thick in texture.  Big hair comes easy to me. The 80's were great.  The smooth, controlled styles of the new millennium not-so-much but I bought a flat iron and a new lease on life.

And then I was abducted by aliens who started doing experiments on me.

That could be the only reason for the changes happening on my head.  Aliens who come in the night, in the middle of that deep hour I get of sleep between 3 A.M and 4, before I wake up again at 5, 6, and 8, and after the tossing and turning to get comfortable of 12, 11...well you get the picture.  Nasty aliens are sneaking up on me messing with this woman's most beloved asset.  ( I love my hair more than I love complaining about my lack of a back-side, if you can believe it.)

I am disgusted with the whole matter and have set up traps to catch them.  A new stack of books next to the bed, ready to topple at the slightest nudge.  A cup last nights coffee perched on the edge of the nightstand, just waiting for a sickly green alien elbow.  A pair of my husbands shoes left for tripping over and falling into the T.V. antenna arrangement -that when it falls is loud enough to wake people in Seattle... Oh yeah. I am ready for the alien buggers (or maybe I just need to pick up the bed room.)

I talked to a lady who does my hair.  She said it could be stress, vitamin deficiency, lack of vitamin absorption, or diet.  She said she wasn't really certain.

She didn't mention aliens cause she didn't want to scare me.  But everyone knows that aliens emit harmful radiation, which not only bring on early menopause, but also make your hair fall out and I told her so.

In the last few months I have noticed my hair has a different texture.  Several strands, all of the ones not shocked white in child birth, are noticeably thinner and finer.  But most frightening are the dime size patches that are suddenly missing.


As if pulled out by hair dissolving- brain sucking aliens!

Aliens from Mar's  wear green and pack attitude!

If it's not aliens, what could it be? Any ideas?  Any ideas for better alien traps?  (I am sending my husband to the store for a harm-free pest catcher!)

I swear, if those aliens attack again, I am posting the pictures as proof.  My husband runs from me when I ask him to look at my patchy head, and the kids look both shocked at queasy at the sight of skin where there should be long luscious locks of dark (with white roots) hair. Any actual of pictures posted here will be for scientific study only and, not general public viewing, or those with weak stomach's and a involuntary wincing beware...

(This is a repost.  I was trying to be funny about something that greatly distressed and confused me at the time.  The hair loss, actually, was due to stress, and me trying to control things beyond my control.  I've been better at giving the Control to my Savior, lately, and thus no more hair loss in the past four years even though we have still walked through some hairy situations. )



  1. Dam that's a drag, i would go see my doctor to try to rule out any problems with my scalp,have you dyed it lately? or changed soaps or meds? Good luck on your hunt i would love to hear how it turns out as i have a girlfriend who has been going through the same thing. Hugs, Pearl

  2. Well...

    you could try giving up chemicals and washing your hair less often, and more naturally. It sounds hoky but it's actually REALLY effective...

  3. Our cat is shedding his winter fur. Maybe you are too?

    Seriously though... Have you any thyroid issues? These can do strange things to your hair. I have first hand experience. EEK.

  4. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that's awful!

    I have seen a few men that have lost patches of hair put shoe polish on those areas.
    Black for black hair, brown for brown hair.... blonde ( I haven't seen ).
    I'd like to keep you as a friend. Don't take this personal. ;0)
    Hope someone can give you the reason why you are loosing your hair.

  5. This is a funny post...and sometimes I don't know if you ladies are kidding or not...but if you are having real hair loss..perhaps a short trip to your doc is in order to see if your hormones a causing havoc or if anything else is going on...just a thought. (O:(O:

  6. Darn those aliens! They ruin everything!! :-)

  7. I can't help you at all with this post - ha! I've always had fine, thin hair that balds at not taking vitamins for one day.

    I think hormone imbalance can cause this.

  8. sadly, some women loose their hair, I'm sorry I didn't make this rule but it happens.

    I hope whatever it is, that it's not serious and that you get back your loverly thickness and grow a bum to boot...well not that I want to boot you in the bum, butt you know what I mean

  9. I feel your pain! I have really thick hair, and have been losing a small handful daily since about Christmas. Went to the dr last month and did the whole blood work thing - basically determined that it's probably due to me losing weight, and hopefully it will stop soon (and thankfully it does seem to lessening a bit). I've also noticed changes in texture lately, but I think that's just an aging thing. Gah! I would encourage you to talk to your doc and at least eliminate some possibilities - and playing around with some other hair products may not be a bad thing! :)


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