OLW One Little Word for 2014

I think it started as a positive motivation for creativity, there was a blog (closed since 2009)  and if I google One Little Word, I get Allie Edwards' website - she is a creative genius - but this is the idea

One Little Word.  One word to think on, ponder, return to, journal and create with, on word of focus.  Instead of splintering one's focus, struggling with a list of challenges, the idea is to pick one word, and a focus on all that it means, all the possibilities.  It is a deeply personal thing.  For me, it's very spiritual.

Last year my word was Go.  And it meant so many things to me.  I didn't accomplish one art project or one journal page, or a single scrapbook page around the word Go, but my life was hugely impacted by that one little word.  (after all, I went to France...!) It was not only permission to go places I had never been, it was a directive to go forward.  It was an acknowledgement of change and an acceptance of it.

I haven't got my word for 2014 yet.  I am waiting for the Holy Spirit to tell me.  (like I said, 'deeply spiritual.')  I've been thinking on it for awhile, but I'm not sure yet.

Do you have your word for 2014?

How do you arrive at your word?



  1. "Happy" seems like a good word for me....I'll Share it with you.



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