live in home adult care giver - will travel

I started working with an elderly couple two years ago in my home town after getting my CNA from the local community college.   Although I lacked experience, still needed more training (despite my A- grade) and was not officially licensed by the state, the family hired me to help out a bit with things like making meals, light clean up, and helping with transfers and showers.  All the kinds of stuff I did for my grandparents during their end of life care.  They are a great couple.  The Mister shows amazing love for his wife just in patience and quality of car alone.  I won't go into his over-all-without a thought-sacrifice or her amazing attitude in the face of very difficult and often pain filled circumstances.

 One of these days I am going to wax poetic about them.  Or maybe just wax something. 

They are a couple of snow birds, these two, and head down to warmer climes in the winter (or for about 6 months, which ever comes last.) Because agency care-givers are strangers who have to be trained every time a new person comes to the house (which is generally almost every time someone is needed,) my favorite elderly couple invited me to join them for as long as I was able to convince my family to let me be away.

Family was voting that I stay home.

Staying home meant scrambling for work.  

We managed out a compromise. 



  1. Looks beautiful there! I'm sure they are grateful you could come to help them out.

  2. Lovely view.
    Mine has dirty snow. ugh!



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