Writing n' whining

I made a jello cake for the Fourth. I still don't think I have recovered from the trauma. I thought it should look one way, and it looked completely wrong. Blood soaked sponge for dessert anyone? I hope there are things I do better than bake...
Y'all are so nice about the crit group. They are just amateur places where I submit a chapter here and there. Sometimes the input is great. Sometimes it makes me cry. But, believe it or not, as long as no one says, "Your awful, give up!" The end result is a helpful crit. A glutton for punishment, if a fellow writer doesn't like something I craft, I need to know why. I don't need to know if something is nice or good. I have actually learned more from critiques then I ever did in english class.

Lie vs. Lay Chart

Present Past Participle (a form of have)
To recline lie, lying lay has/have/had lain
To put or place
(verb followed by an object)
lay, laying laid has/have/had laid
To tell a falsehood lie, lying lied has/have/had lied
The difference between lie and lay never sunk in while in high school. Without a group of people willing to help, I'd never know the difference. You all are so wonderful to offer help and encouragement on my writing journey. But it's all good here in Poppin's World.



  1. I'm glad it's all good. :-)
    I must have missed a post - but I'm still glad it's all good.

    Blood soaked sponge wasn't the look you were going for?

  2. I just used "lay" as my last word in a scrabble game. Thanks! And I'm glad you're not getting discouraged...I'm looking forward to buying your book someday. =)

  3. Hey, you should make that for Halloween, lol!

    My contest is up, so make sure you stop by and enter. :)

  4. I am sorry about your cake misshap. I was banned from the kitchen over nine years ago when I gave us food poisoning, so that put an end to any baking for me.

  5. It helps to have an editor. :)

  6. i agree that the criticism of other writers can be good... Just remember we all write differently and we can't give up our style to please another who may not "get it".

    I love jello cakes. If you make the poke-hole kind, the holes just need to be farther apart. That cracked me up though! lol, blood soaked cake. How festive! :)

  7. Oh. My. Imagining the cake now. Didn't need that mental picture. Perhaps a lovely shade of lime-green next time?

  8. LOL! I can really relate to this one. Stupid cakes.

    I like that chart. Gonna have to study up on that one.

    Sorry I haven't been around much; busy, busy, busy and no sign of letting up. I'll try not to be a stranger ok? Thanks for stopping by with your kind words...

  9. Cooking is exactly like writing. Both improve with well chosen topics, practice, and ridiculous amounts of revision.

    Just found your blog. I love it.


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