Summertime Blues

sing to a traditional blues beat, mix with a little hound-dog, and look soulful....

The thermometer is reaching a hundred
there is not a cloud in the sky
the wind went on vacation
I think I'm going to die
I got the blues...
I got the summertime heat-wave blues.

We took our cooler to Sears
they might repair it in a year
never buy a warranty
they never fix anything for free
I got the Blues
I got the summertime no air-conditioner
sweating like a horse
heat-wave blues.

The kids are feeling grumpy
another six hours of t.v.
Dad smells like a lumberjack
who never buys deodorant
He won't be lovin' me tonight
Maybe I'll go sleep outside...
I GOT THE BLUES..... I got the take a cold-cold shower
don't touch me I'm too hot and tired
summertime heat wave
it's over a hundred degrees



  1. I didn't know Robert Cray also posted on your blog? That's crazy good....

  2. Anonymous9:01 PM

    wow, sounds like you could use a good ole fashioned ben gay fest

  3. emma sometimes~ yes but did I make you laugh?

    Ba Dooze~ben gay fest, is that some line from a movie I never saw?

  4. I second that emotion!..heh
    come see this one hun!

  5. Okay it is pretty warm in NE, but the a/c works so the invitation to come is open to you and the fam...mind you there ARE four kids and another on the way this weekend (he is 16 and staying for about a week). It would definitely NOT be a quiet time away, but you are welcome! ;)

  6. Laughing at your pain, babe, laughing at your pain...

  7. Well, really hot fire is supposed to be blue, right? :)

  8. What a sad sack. I liked the lyrics, though. They were very creative, Poppins. I can fully relate. I just may have to go pick up a harmonica today so that I can play that.

  9. Come to the coast...its only in the 90's here.

  10. OMG, the only thing worse than this heat is having to spend all morning on the phone with three different banks and an escrow company while being abused by a customer service rep (who actually called me back to chastise me for hanging up on him!) IN THIS HEAT! Sorry, rant over.

  11. you poor thing... misery does not love company in this case, eh?

  12. Mercy! I hope you get cooled off soon! I know how miserable the heat can be.

  13. *Wishin' I knew how to play harmonica and hoping the blues go away soon*

  14. Lol...This is good.

    I do feel for you though as I'm laughing. I think I'd probably cry if our air went out.


    And sweating. The humidity here is what's killing me! Sigh.

  16. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Ha! I think I have the "It's 100 degrees outside, but it looks like a gigantic thunderstorm is comin' our way" blues! The humidity is through the roof here in Colorado, which is something that I am not used to!!!

  17. I got the childcare blues this week... but it sure makes for great music. Rock on!

  18. Wow! This is a classic!


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