Nothing exciting.

Well nothing much goin on round' bout here. Friday I got my hair done and my facial hair taken care of but there was no man there watching the whole process to make me feel as if I suffered for my vanity. Ha. Danielle, (my stylist---snicker, I have a stylist) was besieged by phone calls from her twelve year old daughter. Danielle was like: "Honey, I got to go, my Dapoppin's needs a dye job," and her daughter was all like, "Mom, really, how bad is it?" And Danielle-the-honest replies, "Oh Honey, really bad. I got to go." Which is what happens when one waits months for the return visit to the beauty shop. Can I get a shout out from the balcony? Can I get a "Uh Huh! You know it, girl!"

So afterwards I was feeling all trendy and beautiful. So what if I looked like someone had ripped the hair off my face and it was all swollen red and female Neanderthal? I felt pretty! What's a girl to do? The husband was home with the kiddies, doin his manly man thing, and I had new eye brows and purrrrty hair. So, I went to TARGET! Can I get another shout-out? All the ladies said, "Uh HUH."
I spent money at Target. Bought the wrong size curtains, and fifteen dollars on junk food 'cause I was hungry. Then I went home so my husband could oooh and ahhh over my new hair and assure me that it was money well spent.
I told him it would look this way all of the time if he let my buy a new flat iron.
He wanted to know how much that would cost.
I said only about a hundred dollars.
He said that we already spent that on the new computer.
I said I would get a job.
He said go for it.
So, anyone want to hire a woman who hasn't worked outside the home for the last ten years but who has great negotiating skills. I am thinkin, upper level management.
Can I get a shout out?



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  2. My company needs someone to test hamster droppings for sodium deposits. It pays $10 an hour, plus all of the free fertilizer you can fit into your car at the end of the day...

    Cosmo Food Corp: Making hamsters taste the first run of our fine foods so you don't get sick and sue us.

  3. Thanks so much for the comment at my humble abode!..please come again~!

  4. LOL! You crack me up! I heart Target! And I'm WAY overdue to get my hair colored, so feel good that it was only a month for you, lol!

  5. Anonymous1:32 AM

    Facial hair adds 'quality' to life, don't ya think?LOL!! What my tweezers can do I shall not pay anyone else to, although I now when one gets their...'additions' taken care of at a salon they stay away a LONGER TIME. Sigh. Always nice to go out when looking well-groomed and if Target does that 'special thing' for you..hey!! I'd have gone with you. 'Course, with my facial hair. But would have definitely been voted MOST HAIRLESS IN THE FACIAL AREA, and well...that's something, isn't it?

  6. WOOT!

    When I went to get my hair trimmed last week, the stylist whipped out a comb, ran it through my eyebrows and trimmed them too! I almost passed out in the chair! Do you think a person could really die of embarrassment?

  7. Sounds like you had fun! I could stand to get my eyebrows done, maybe. I have very sparse ones though.

  8. Hey, I got my flat iron at TARGET, and it was no where near $100. I like it, and I'm even getting the hang of using it.

  9. LOL! I'm going to get my hair colored soon - with the multi-color layer look. I just got it cut a couple weeks ago. Now I just have to lose like 50 lbs. and I'll feel much better.

    BTW, I'm adding you to my BUDDY list! I kinda hadn't checked my guestbook in a while and I was so glad to see you had popped in. Thanks.


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